Why Is My Hamster Peeing Blood

A healthy hamster will be active and move around frequently; this is a sign of good health. If a hamster is sluggish and moves badly, the cause is most likely an illness or an injury.

Hamsters are gentle creatures but also susceptible to a wide range of health issues. One of these issues is blood in the urine or pee blood.

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Why Do Hamsters Pee Blood

There are several possible causes for hamsters’ bloody urine (pee blood), including trauma, urinary tract infection, contusions, and tumors. It is strongly suggested that you seek the hamster peeing blood treatment as soon as possible.

Signs of Hamsters Peeing Blood

The main sign of pee blood is that there are red stains where the hamster peed or left after urinating.

In addition, you may see clots in the urine of hamsters, which indicates that there is also blood in the urine. Furthermore, in severe cases, the genital area of a pet hamster may become swollen and itchy.

The hamster may have trouble walking and moving about due to the condition. The hamster’s movement reveals that it is not in good health, as may be deduced from its behavior.

5 Reasons Why Hamster Pee Blood

  1. Cancer or Tumour

One of the major causes of pee blood in hamsters is cancer/tumor. Tumors that develop in the uterine region usually result in complications, including pain and bloody urine. Cancer usually swells up the surrounding tissue/area, and along with the swelling comes a significant discharge of blood and liquid from the urinary system of the hamsters.

This issue seems to manifest more frequently in hamsters as they age. Additionally, female hamsters are the ones most likely to experience tumors in the uterine system. They mainly develop tumors due to the process of giving birth to their young. Because of this issue, persistent bleeding in the urine is possible. But the issue is that there’s no permanent solution to this situation.

  1. UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
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When a hamster has an infection in their urinary tract, it causes them to pee blood. This infection is almost always brought on by specific external stimuli that are present in the environment.

Infection of the urinary tract can be caused by viruses or certain bacteria present in the hamster environment and result in the passage of blood in the urine.

Urinary tract infections are more common in older hamsters than in younger hamsters because juvenile hamsters have a stronger immune system and higher protection against infections.

You may notice various indications when a hamster has a urinary infection, such as sleepiness, difficulty moving, a change in behavior, and always sitting in the same corner of the cage.

It is common practice to treat hamsters suffering from urine infections using antibiotics in order to assist the animals in overcoming the urinary infection issue.

  1. Internal Haemorrhage

Hamsters are incredibly energetic animals that are always running, playing, and jumping around their cage.

They are unable to see clearly or judge the distance between themselves and obstacles, which leads to frequent falls from great heights, during which they easily sustain injuries. Hamsters are susceptible to suffering from internal injuries that can cause them to urinate blood and experience pain.

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Hamsters are unable to communicate verbally, and when they sustain injuries, they frequently hide out of fear that their would-be attackers are nearby and ready to pounce on them.

Even though the hamster will make every effort to conceal the fact that something is wrong with its health, the presence of blood in the hamster’s urine is an indication that something is not good.

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If your hamster does not appear to have any internal injuries but is urinating blood, you should still take it to the veterinarian to check it out, just in case.

  1. Gastrointestinal Issues

Some gastrointestinal issues also lead to internal injury or tissue damage. This indirectly leads to hamsters’ straining, which results in bloody urine.

  1. Kidney Malfunctioning

When hamsters suffer from kidney illness, their bodies are unable to operate normally. So, when the kidneys of the hamster are dysfunctional, injured, or otherwise not functioning as they should, they are unable to filter the blood effectively, which results in the presence of blood in the urine of the hamster.

Hematuria is another name for the condition that occurs in hamsters when they have kidney disease that causes blood to be present in their urine.

The kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and excess fluids from the bloodstream of the hamster, which is then done through the production of urine.

Once more, in order to solve this issue, you will need to have your pet examined by a veterinarian and take some antibiotics.

What can I do to stop the hamster’s pee blood?

You may do a few different things to stop the urine from your hamster from turning red. First, you must guarantee that they have enough water to drink. Second, you should incorporate some freshly prepared veggies into your diet. Third, you should take them to the veterinarian for an examination to rule out the possibility that an underlying medical issue causes the redness.

If you have previously tried all of these things, and your hamster’s urine is still red, it may be an indication of a severe medical condition; you should take your hamster to the hamster specialist as soon as possible.

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Question: What Color Should My Hamsters Pee Be

Answer: Normally, hamster urine color is milky white, which can stain the bottom of the cage.

Question: Can I Get Sick From Hamster Pee

Answer: Humans can become infected with LCMV if they come into contact with the affected hamster.

Question: What Causes Urinary Tract Infections in Hamsters

Answer: There are a few potential triggers for UTI in hamsters, including viral or bacterial infection, autoimmune issues, and hereditary disorders.


When hamsters urinate blood, it is an indication that something is wrong with them, and you should investigate the matter as soon as possible to determine the cause of the issue.

Urinating blood is a symptom of a urinary infection, which is the most prevalent reason for it in hamsters. So, hamster UTI treatment is a must. If the condition is not treated, it might result in the death of your pet.