Hamster Water Bottle Is Not Working [Reasons]

Hamsters require water for various metabolic processes, including digestion, temperature regulation, and excretion. Therefore, fresh water should be provided to your hamster daily.

Hamsters can drink water from either a bowl or a water bottle. Each approach has pros and cons, despite the widespread belief that they are equivalent.

In this article, we will discuss all about hamster water bottles, how does it work, and how to cope with the hamster water bottle leaking.

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Hamster Water Bottle How Does It Work

The hamster water bottle is made up of both plastic and metal with a ball bearing inside it.

The function of this ball bearing is to create a vacuum inside the bottle that ultimately prevents water from dripping when the bottle is shaken. Licking the metal ball bearing allows a hamster to drink from the bottle by breaking the vacuum.

How to Determine That Hamster Water Bottle Not Working

Here are all the indications that let you know whether the water bottle is working correctly.

Loose Lid

Your hamster’s water bottle cap should be the first place you look for any signs of a leak. A leak may result if the top is not securely fastened and the screws are not correctly aligned.

Damaged Gasket

The gasket helps form a secure seal, which helps stop water from leaking. If this rubber gasket on your bottle is missing or cracked, it will continue to leak for an undetermined amount of time.

When used for extended durations, gaskets are susceptible to the natural wearing and strain that comes with use. For this reason, you must check your gasket regularly to verify that it is functioning correctly. Should you fail to do so, it is possible that your hamster may be unable to drink until you detect the problem. Because of the potential for harm, you should check it once per day or two at the absolute least.

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On the other hand, O-rings are relatively simple to change and can be obtained from any standard hardware shop. When you go to replace the gasket, don’t forget to bring the bottle with you so that you can make sure the new gasket is the correct size.

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Crack on the Bottle

After ensuring that the top or cover of the bottle your hamster drinks from is in good condition, you may go on to inspect the bottle itself for any cracks. Make sure you inspect the part of the bottle where the cap screws into. The grooves have a risk of cracking either because the tops were overtightened or because of regular wear and tear.

If you find a crack in your hamster bottle, the best course of action is often to go out and get a whole new one. If the bottle has a minor break on the body, there is a possibility that it may be repaired using food-grade adhesive sealant or weatherproof tape. However, it cannot be repaired if the bottle has a large crack on the body.

The Bearing Ball Is Displaced

Inside the drinking tube of most plastic water bottles is either one or maybe more metal ball bearings. When placed in the correct orientation, these balls provide a vacuum that prevents the water from leaking out of the bottle. When your hamster licks these metal pieces, it will cause a small quantity of water to trickle out. Sometimes this ball bearing is displaced, which leads to the abnormal working of a water bottle.

Prone to Chewing

Sometimes your hamsters may chew the plastic bottle due to bad habits or due to stress; in that case, you must change your hamsters’ water bottle or at least inspect the water bottle daily.

How to Tell if Hamster Water Bottle Is Working

Water Level Is Decreasing Smoothly

When caring for a hamster, consistency is critical. They will be utilizing the water nonstop, which the proprietors must always keep in mind.

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Do not immediately conclude that the water bottle for the hamster will not be used regularly. Check it daily. If the bottle’s water level drops smoothly and without any leakage or crack, then your hamster is drinking its water safely.

Hamsters Tend to Drink From the Bottle

Hamsters always come towards the bottle to drink water. This also indicates the efficacy of water bottles.

No Signs of Water Spots and No Fur on the Bottle

If there are no water spots or splashes around the water bottle, then ensure that the bottle is intact and working correctly. Similarly, if there is debris, fur, or chew bite on the water bottle, then make sure that your pet hamster enjoys drinking water from its bottle.


Question: Should My Hamsters’ Water Bottle Drip

Answer: No, your hamsters’ water bottles mustn’t drip abnormally.

Question: How Often Should You Change a Hamster’s Water Bottle

Answer: It is essential that you change the water in your hamster’s bowl at least once a day and inspect the water bottle for any leaks or blockages regularly. To prevent contamination, you should also regularly set aside time to clean the bottle and the nozzle thoroughly.

Question: How Do You Seal a Bottle Yourself

Answer: You can use waterproof duct tape or any good quality sealant to seal the bottle yourself.


The leaking of hamster water bottles is a common issue that every pet owner must contend with. However, several solutions have the potential to have a significant impact on resolving this issue. By engaging in helpful preventative actions, you can stop the water bottle for the hamster from dripping. If the issue cannot be avoided, the above steps can be used to resolve it. You can also consider getting a hamster drinking bowl instead.