Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water? [Reasons]

You are probably aware that getting a pet companion, even a tiny one, demands a significant time and financial commitment. It requires a change in lifestyle in addition to the everyday responsibilities of feeding, interacting with, and cleaning. Hamsters have a high water need for their bodies and can lose water at an alarming pace. Sometimes hamsters refuse to drink water, and many owners are clueless why they do that. Let’s discuss why your hamster is not drinking water.

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Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water?

Because of their tiny stature, Hamsters run the risk of rapidly becoming dehydrated, severely threatening their health. Hamsters may cease drinking water for various reasons, including but not limited to: diet, sickness, aversion to the taste of the water, stress, and change in environment.

5 Reasons Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water?

Environmental Change

Examining the surrounding atmosphere should be the initial step. If there is any abnormal environmental change, such as noise, temperature change, thunderstorms, excessive light, etc. Your pet hamster may stop drinking water.

Water Bottle Not Working

If you give water to your hamster in a water bottle, then it’s possible that the hamster won’t be able to drink the water if the bottle is cracked, clogged with debris, or otherwise useless. The water bottle must be cleaned and inspected consistently to guarantee that it is operating correctly.

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Hamsters, much like humans, can experience health problems that cause them to stop consuming water. The consumption of both food and water is essential to the well-being of a hamster, yet, there are circumstances in which a hamster can cease drinking water. The following is a list of some of the most prevalent illnesses and diseases that affect hamsters.

  • Intestinal disorders: These can include both constipation and diarrhea, as well as several other diseases that are connected. Eating excessive food or not getting enough exercise can also lead to these illnesses. If a hamster is affected by any of these diseases, it is pretty likely that it will cease eating and drinking water.
  • Torpor: It is the state that a hamster is in when it goes into hibernation, often during the colder months or in times of extreme stress  Torpor is typically brought on by either an absence of light within the enclosure or a rapid shift in temperature in the air surrounding the enclosure. If you feel that your hamster may have been affected by torpor, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible. If left untreated for an extended period, this can result in malnutrition and hypothermia.
  • Dental issues: It’s possible that your hamster isn’t drinking water due to dental problems, affecting its normal jaws.  If you think your hamster may have a problem with its jaws, teeth, or gums, you should take it to a veterinarian.
  • Pain: Pain is a symptom that may be brought on by various conditions, like accidents and infections. When hamsters are in pain, it might be difficult for them to feed or drink properly. It’s possible that your hamster may need treatment for these conditions before it feels better enough to start drinking again.
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Too Much Stressed

Despite the availability of clean water, an anxious or stressed hamster may stop drinking from its water dish. It is essential to offer your hamster a quiet and tranquil environment so that they can experience a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Water Taste Bad

When it comes to consuming water, hamsters are known to be picky and may refuse to do so if the water has an unpleasant flavor or is dirty. The water bowl or bottle has to be cleaned regularly, and then it should be refilled with fresh water.


Question: Do Hamsters Prefer Water Bottles or Bowls?

Answer: Many hamsters prefer water bowls over other options. They are simple to access and give the animal a sense that it is in its natural environment.

Question: Is It Ok to Give Hamsters Tap Water?

Answer: Yes, hamsters can consume tap water. However, the most excellent choice you can make for your pet is to give them water that has been filtered, as this will ensure that there is minimum contamination.

Question: How Often Do Hamsters Drink Water?

Answer: If you’re a conscientious hamster owner, you know your pet needs a daily clean water supply. Even if you keep a water bottle in your hamster’s cage that has enough water to last several days, your hamster still runs the risk of being exhausted if the bottle leaks or breaks for any reason, which happens frequently.

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The lack of hydration in any animal is cause for worry, but the hamster’s small size makes the situation more hazardous. Because hamsters can only go without water for a few days at a time, you need to figure out the reason why your hamster has stopped drinking it. You are required to take it to the veterinarian within twenty-four hours if you are unable to get it to drink water.