Science Diet vs Purina Pro Plan [Guide]

Most people who own dogs feel responsible for providing their canine companions with foods of a higher quality than those already on the market. This is because the food they consume has an impact on both their physical and emotional well-being. Due to the unfortunate fact that not all brands of dog food are made equal, you must select the very finest option for your pet. This article compares the food brands Purina Pro Plan dog food and Hill’s Science Diet to determine which is better. We also discuss what dog food is better than Purina pro plan.

Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan is one of the most well-known pet food, and it’s designed specifically with dog nutrition in mind. Purina was created by Nestle in 1905. At that time, only a few people were ready to invest in the maintenance of pets. This concept evolved over the years, and the firm expanded in response to the rising demand for foods specifically formulated for pets.

pro plan vs science diet

Purina Pro Plan is proud to claim that they were the first dog food manufacturer to ever use genuine meat as the primary ingredient in its products. This company is also responsible for the development of grain-free sports performance formulae, which is another factor that contributes to the success of the brand.

Purina Pro Plan Pros

  • It is highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • Long-term research on the firm’s products is carried out by the corporation.
  • It maintains a high standard of quality control.
  • Fish oil fosters the growth of both the brain and the eyes of the pets.
  • When fed Purina kibble, dogs create healthy stools that are simpler to clean up and indicate that their food is properly clumping.
  • Kibble made with Purina removes tartar from the gums, reducing foul breath.
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Purina Pro Plan Cons

  • Some formulations may affect the smell of a dog’s breath.
  • Purina puppy dry dog food portions may be significantly bigger for little canine breeds and are ideal for older pups.

Science Diet

One of Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s food brands is called Science Diet, which Hill’s Pet Nutrition owns. The 1930s marked the beginning of Science Diet’s venture into the world of pet food. A dog’s owner approached a prominent doctor of the period with a request to develop a special diet for canines to treat their pet’s renal disease. This endeavour was fruitful, and shortly thereafter, he established the company with his son and began developing different nutrition formulae tailored to certain illnesses.

science diet vs pro plan

The utilization of the components in Science Diet is comparable to that of Purina Pros. They choose to use components backed by scientific studies rather than insisting on using just natural products that have not been treated in any manner. The Science Diet is not the greatest choice if you want to consume only natural foods as part of your eating routine. In addition, many of their recipes include maize, wheat, and soybeans, much like Purina Pro Plan.

Science Diet Pros

  • This well-known brand dates back to the 1930s.
  • It has a demonstrated track record of producing food of superior quality for pets.
  • It offers a varied assortment of dog foods to choose from.
  • It uses scientifically researched formulae in its products.
  • It is the finest type of food for giant breed puppies because it has an appropriate amount of calcium and glutamine all of which are important for maintaining healthy bones, joints, and cartilage.
  • Kibbles of exceptional quality are manufactured for a wide range of dog types and sizes, including large breeds.
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Science Diet Cons

  • Because its formulations are derived from scientific study and are nutritionally based on biology, competing products.
  • Recipes that contain grains are inedible for dogs since they are allergic to grains. (The manufacturer does, however, provide grain-free varieties of its products.)
  • It makes use of several by-products.
  • It achieves its protein content by the utilization of non-meat components.

Science Diet vs Purina Pro Plan

  1. Taste: Purina Pro plan is tastier because of its multiple flavours.
  2. Age Group: Both offer foods for all age groups.
  3. Nutrition Value: Purina Pro Plan has more protein, fat and fibre than Hill’s science diet.
  4. Healthy Grains: Both brands offer the same amount of fibre in dry foods, but Purina has slightly more fat. Neither brand is grain-free, but both have variants without grains
  5. Pricing: The science diet is more costly than Purina Pro


Question: Can Science Diet Dog Food Make Dogs Sick?

Answer: No, Science Diet dog food can not make dogs sick. They are usually formulated medically to help the pup’s digestive system and growth.

Question: Is Science Hill Suitable for Dogs?

Answer: They are trusted by veterinarians all around the world, who not only suggest them but also feed their own dogs. The majority of pet owners choose Hills Science Diet dog food above any other brand of pet food. Hills Science Diet has spent many years researching, and as a result, they have developed a broad array of food alternatives that are carefully tailored to fit the age, breed, and nutritional requirements of several different pets.

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Question: Why Do Vets Always Recommend Purina Pro Plan?

Answer: There is no doubt that Purina Pro Plan is beneficial for dogs. Pro Plan dog food formulations are backed by more than 400 Purina scientists, including dietitians, behaviourists, and veterinarians. They offer sophisticated nutrition and ingredients of the finest quality to nourish your dog to live his or her best life. Veterinarians often recommend that their patients consume Pro Plan.

Question: What Dog Food Is Better Than the Purina Pro Plan?

Answer: The Wellness core and Blue Buffalo are better than the Purina Pro plan.


It is generally agreed that Purina Pro Plan is a superior brand to Science Diet in dog food since it offers both higher levels of protein in its wet and dry varieties and lower prices. Both companies have the same amount of fibre in their dry foods, although Purina has a little more fat than the other brand. Neither brand is grain-free; however, both offer grain-free products in some varieties.