What Is a Ghost Hamster? [Guide & Advice]

Ghost Hamster Meaning

A ghost hamster is a nickname given to a pet hamster who is always hiding and rarely ever seen. It has no bearing on the actual appearance of a hamster. Ghosts hamsters are actually very common since hamsters are skittish animals and their shy demeanor leads them to hide away in their cage. While it might feel like you have an invisible pet on your hands, there are many different ways to interact with a ghost hamster. If you can create a sense of comfort and relaxation for your hamster there is a chance that they might start coming out of hiding and bonding with you a little more than usual.

Ghost Hamster Behavior [Tips and Tricks]

First and foremost, it’s always very important to ensure that your little ghost hamster is comfortable. If your ghost hamster is hiding all the time there is a very good chance that they are scared and there is most likely a good reason for its behavior. You can achieve this by providing your ghost hamster with cozy bedding material such as shredded paper or fleece blanketing. Additionally, you can ensure that their environment remains quiet with few distractions to the point where they feel confident and secure enough to explore parts of their environment.

Next, it’s important to provide entertainment and enrichment opportunities for your ghost hamster. Offering things such as puzzles, toys, or even foraging materials can help keep your ghost hamster mentally stimulated. You can also add things such as hideaways and tunnels to explore. While ghost hamsters will most likely never be comfortable with you handling them you may still be able to enjoy the interaction from afar.

hamster hiding in the dark

Also, remember that although ghost hamsters might not be seen so much they’re still a valuable addition to your family. You have to respect their behaviors and try to understand why they decide to do what they do. Although you might not see your hamster as much as you would like to do not force them to do things that you know they won’t like to do.

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Why Do Ghost Hamsters Hide All the Time

The term ghost hamster is used for hamsters who spend nearly their whole lives hiding away from their owners to the point where some people think their hamster has actually disappeared. But why do ghost hamsters hide all the time? Surely there must a reason for this behavior.

Hamsters in the wild need to find safe places to rest during the day since they are prey animals. Instinctively hamsters are very skittish and this is the natural result of their prey mentality. Different hamsters are in touch with different levels of their natural instinct. So genetically a hamster may be more in touch with their survival instincts than others. These instinctive behaviors carry about into captivity and this is the reason why we end up with “ghost hamsters” because the instinct to hide is so strong.


In conclusion, a ghost hamster is a pet hamster who spends nearly its whole life every day hiding in its cage. The main reason why ghost hamsters seem to hide all the time is that they have strong instinctive behavior which naturally tells them to hide and stay safe from predators. However, providing your ghost hamster with cozy bedding material, mental stimulation, and foraging materials can help them feel comfortable and relaxed in its environment. If done correctly your ghost hamster one day might just become a normal hamster.