Are Candles Bad for Hamsters? [Risks & Alternatives]

Candles are a household favorite for many. Candles can be a beautiful addition to any environment adding an inviting atmosphere with their pleasant aroma and gentle soft light. Despite being a great addition to our home they can also sometimes cause issues if we have pets like hamsters. So today we are going to be explaining in detail the answer to if candles are bad for hamsters or not.

So are candles bad for hamsters? Yes and no, some candles especially scented ones contain potentially hazardous chemicals that can be toxic if they are inhaled directly by your hamster. So it’s important to ensure if you do decide to have candles burning in your household, especially near your hamster’s cage it’s essential to make sure you check the ingredients of the candle and be sure that burning them will not give off hazardous fumes/smoke which will harm your hamster.

are candles bad for hamsters

It’s important to remember that hamsters have sensitive noses even more so than humans. The fragrant smoke from a candle can cause respiratory problems and in severe cases can prove fatal.

In general, you should always keep open flames away from any pet including candles. If you have open flames within access to any areas of your hamster’s habitat you run the risk of your pets burning themselves on the flames. Not only are the flames dangerous but the heat produced by the flames can also cause issues especially if near your hamster’s cage.

In all burning, a candle in your room may make your room feel more inviting and produce a relaxing ambiance but it should be your priority as a hamster owner to ensure that you create a safe environment. No candle or cosmetic addition to your home is worth harming your beloved pets.

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You can check here for the full list of harmful ingredients contained in scented candles.

Which Candles Are Safe for Hamsters?

No candles are safe for hamsters, but there are candles that are considered safe for hamsters and these are unscented ones. These include soy wax and beeswax candles. These types of candles do not contain the same type of dangerous chemicals that paraffin-based candles sometimes have.

These candles do however give off smoke and fumes too which can also be damaging to your hamster’s respiratory system. So don’t fall for the trap of thinking that just because they do not contain chemicals that it is safe for you to use them.

hamsters and candles smoke

Generally, when you are in doubt about something that could be potentially harmful to your pet it’s always better to make the safe choice until you are 100% certain that what you are doing is in the best interests of your animals.

Alternatives to Candles

If you still want to replicate the ambiance that you get from candles in your home there are numerous alternatives available. For example, electric tea lights and battery-powered flameless candles are excellent alternatives since they don’t give smoke or fumes and won’t pose any danger of burning to your hamsters.

You can also opt for scented wax melts that release fragrances through warms. These are generally made of soy or beeswax so they are safer than paraffin-based types of hazardous chemicals. Finally, oil diffusers are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional candles. Like always ensure that you do your own research and make sure that if you are adamant about your decision to use candles you use ones that won’t cause damage to your hamster’s health.

electric candle
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In conclusion, candles should be used with an element of extreme caution around your hamster. If you decide to use them in your home ensure you do your own research to make sure they do not contain chemicals that produce fumes that will be harmful to your hamster. While there are better alternatives to traditional candles such as soy wax and beeswax candles these can still be detrimental to the health of your hamsters.