Rabbit Teeth Trimming Costs UK [Price Breakdown]

The teeth of rabbits continue to develop throughout their whole lives. It needs daily trimming to keep them at useable lengths. If a rabbit’s teeth aren’t kept short by trimming, they will likely overgrow. Knowing how to trim your rabbit’s teeth and what to do if they’re overgrown can avoid significant problems.

Rabbit overgrown teeth are a common issue, but as a rabbit owner, you must resolve that issue. So, let us discuss how much it will cost to trim a rabbit’s teeth.

Rabbit teeth trimmings might cost between £15 and £50; these estimates exclude drugs and other veterinarian expenses.

rabbit at the vet

Keeping your pet companion happy and healthy is advantageous because delaying treatment will cost you more in the long term.

Rabbit Teeth

The teeth of rabbits do not fall out. Rabbits have incisors (front teeth) and molars that can overgrow.

In most cases, the incisors that have grown too long are the easiest to spot. They have the potential to grow to such a length that they begin to bend and protrude between a rabbit’s lips. Because of this, they frequently become entangled in items like the bars of their cages. 

The molars in rabbits’ mouths can also grow too long. Overgrown teeth cause bunnies to hypersalivation and chew and swallow poorly. Keep an eye on your rabbits and pay attention to any signs of drooling or feeding difficulties since these might indicate that their teeth have enlarged. Additionally, be on the lookout for any changes in behavior that might indicate a problem.

What Is the Average Number of Teeth That Rabbits Have?

A total of 28 teeth are present in a healthy rabbit’s mouth. Humans can only see four of these teeth. The following types of teeth may be found in rabbits:

  • Two upper incisors are visible at the front of the mouth. These are some buck teeth that stand out.
  • Two lower incisors may be seen at the front of the mouth. These and the upper incisors should never come into contact with one another. 
  • Two tiny incisors are located at the back of the top front teeth. These are the teeth that are often known as peg teeth.
  • Twelve molars are in the upper rear of the rabbit’s mouth. These are tucked away inside the gums of the teeth.
  • Ten more premolars may be at the bottom of the rabbit’s mouth. The naked eye cannot see these of a human being.
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The rabbit needs each and every one of these teeth to function correctly. In their mouths, they are utilized for crushing food into smaller pieces.

How Big Should Rabbit Teeth Be?

Your rabbit should have teeth that are sufficiently long so that, when its mouth is closed, they may come together and connect cleanly. If you let them become much shorter, they might not be able to chew or bite properly, and if you let them get any longer, they might start to cause harm to your rabbit’s gums and lips. 

If your rabbit’s teeth are curved or don’t meet, it may have malocclusion caused by injury or genes. If one of your rabbit’s teeth is missing, it’s possible that an accident or illness caused the tooth to come out. The tooth will regrow, but you should watch its growth to ensure it attains the right length and position.

Do Rabbit Teeth Need Trimming?

If a rabbit’s teeth are otherwise in good shape, they do not need to be trimmed. In most cases, they can keep healthy teeth on their own if they have access to enough hay and chew toys. On the other hand, rabbit teeth can occasionally overgrow, in which case they will need to be trimmed by an experienced specialist.

looking at a rabbit with long teeth

If your rabbit’s teeth have become overgrown, you should not attempt to trim them yourself. When you clip rabbit teeth without the appropriate tools, you run the risk of producing fractures along the length of the teeth, which can lead to illness in the long run.

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Trimming Rabbit Molars

The condition might be more severe if your rabbit has very large molars. The molar teeth contain sharp tips that irritate the gums and create discomfort when the rabbit is chewing; if this occurs, the rabbit will stop eating.

The molars of your rabbits are more challenging to trim than their incisors, so be sure to take your time. Without an oral exam, it is much more challenging to determine whether or not a rabbit’s molars have enlarged. 

If your vet finds that your rabbit’s molars are excessively long, they need to be sedated. X-rays are another option that your veterinarian may suggest. Get in touch with your veterinarian as soon as possible if you discover that your bunny has excessively long teeth. 

What Are the Rabbit Teeth Trimming Techniques?

The following are the typical methods of trimming:

  1. Rabbit Teeth Trim

Pet owners frequently choose this course of action since it is the least expensive, the least complicated, and the quickest available, particularly for treating swollen incisors.

  1. Dental Burring

Minimizing tooth height is generally done with a slender diamond or tungsten carbide bur. A motorized handheld component that operates at a fast speed, particularly the one that uses an air turbine, is likely to be highly effective.

  1. Rabbit Teeth Filing

This method is less effective for rabbit tooth spikes or molar and premolar-sized spikes. This therapy does not resolve underlying reasons or tooth curvature from severe occlusion.

  1. Cutting Discs

These rotary discs will be used to cut a rabbit’s teeth. They’re riskier on molars and premolars and provide more complications than filling and cutting.

Rabbit Teeth Trim Cost

The cost depends on the method and if an anesthetic is utilized. Additionally, it will differ from one location to another and from one veterinarian to another.

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On average, the cost of trimming the rabbit teeth is likely between £20 and £40. It might not seem like much, but it is essential to get it done consistently. On the other hand, this expenditure should not be confused with dental procedures performed on rabbits.

Other Vet Expenses

Every vet has an appointment cost and an exotics charge. There are extra expenses for blood tests, anesthetic, pain medicine, and antibiotics if needed. In addition, some veterinarians may charge a fee of around £5 for the disposal of medical or hazardous waste.

Usually, a vet will keep your bunny overnight for 1-2 nights to check its eating and anesthetic recovery. In some instances, the operation or the anesthetic price will already include this expense.

Rabbit Tooth Removal Cost

Due to their tiny jaws, rabbits’ tooth removal costs more than cats’ or dogs’. The removal cost might be £30-£400.

The cost is variable depending on the number of teeth that need to be extracted and the specific teeth. To get at the final price, you will also need to factor in the cost of the anesthetic and any pain medicine required.

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Can I Trim My Rabbit’s Teeth?

However, this will be an upsetting experience for your pet and will not be as successful as burrowing. Only those with a steady hand should attempt this. This is more complex than clipping claws.

Rabbits dislike having their jaws or teeth handled. The teeth of a rabbit are its first line of protection against predators. Although they are very tiny, rabbits have powerful bites.