Why Is My Female Dog Obsessed With My Boyfriend?

Dogs are social animals and they have the ability to form strong bonds with different types of humans. The chances are that if your dog has spent quality time together with your boyfriend they have developed a strong bond and respect for one another. This bond can sometimes be so strong that it might look like they are obsessed with your boyfriend. Studies have shown that it’s normal for dogs to show preference towards different people and today we are going to explain why.

why is my female dog obsessed with my boyfriend

Why Does My Dog Prefer My Boyfriend?

Dogs are intelligent animals with complex emotions and they perceived humans differently than most other animals. Dogs are able to read facial expressions, body language, and nonverbal cues, and in doing so they make decisions based on what they see. A dog will naturally take a liking to someone who provides natural signals of comfort and happiness. Eventually, a dog will associate the feelings of happiness and reward with that person which will make them seem preferable to others.

Reasons Why Your Dog Might Prefer Your Boyfriend

1. Familiarity – Dogs often prefer to be around faces they see on a day-to-day basis. If a dog knows someone well and has positive experiences with them it’s likely that it will be drawn to them.

2. Similarities – Dogs respond better to people who look or have similar characteristics to themselves. It sounds strange but it’s true.

3. Energy Level – Some dogs are hyper others are lazy and just want to chill. It’s only normal that a dog of a certain energy level wants to be around a person who matches their energy level. Most dogs are generally drawn to people who are more energetic and active because they find them exciting.

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4. Attitude – Dogs respond better to people who are confident and have positive body language and energy. If you approach a dog with kindness, gentleness, and respect the chances are they will enjoy your company much more.

5. Treats – Finally the most obvious one. It’s no secret dogs LOVE treats. If a dog associates a certain person with treats they will be drawn to them.

Dogs also develop different levels of respect for people depending on their actions and where they gauge them to be in the pack order in comparison to themselves. If your dog seems overly attached to your boyfriend and not to you it could be because they don’t share the same respect they have for your boyfriend as they do for you.

jealous girl because her dog likes her boyfriend more than her

Is It Possible for Dogs to Love One Person More Than Others

It’s true, dogs sometimes have favorites, and it’s quite normal for them to “love” or have a strong preference for one person. Dogs can be very selective about where they invest their love and loyalty and invest it carefully into people they deem worthy.

Dogs develop a strong bond with people who they trust. Trust has to be earned and built up through positive experiences and time. This could be anything from walking together, training together, or simply playing some fun games.

What Causes a Dog’s Obsession With One Person

There are many potential reasons and explanations why dogs become obsessed with one special person. It’s most likely that this person provides some special affection or consistency on a regular basis. Maybe this person makes your dog feel safe and trusts them more. If you show love and trust in your partner the chances are your dog will see this and trust them too.

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Some people are also just inherently better with animals than others. They understand what they like and what they don’t like. They respect their pet’s space and don’t try to force affection. Becoming good with dogs takes time and experience. It might be worthwhile to watch how your partner interacts with your dog and try to understand it through observation.

dog happy


Beings singled out or being the favorite person of your dog is certainly adorable. However, becoming jealous or trying to force adoration is unlikely to result in the way you want it to. You can work on your relationship with your dog and try to figure out what they appreciate in a person.