How to Know if Dry Cat Food Is Spoiled?

When it comes to our feline companions, we always want to ensure they are consuming the best food possible. Dry food for cats is a common choice, but it can be challenging to determine whether or not it has gone bad. Therefore, let’s explore how to tell whether dry cat food has gone bad.

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How do you know if dry cat food has gone bad? If the dry cat food has an unpleasant odor, its color has changed, or expired; then you should be aware that the kitten food has gone bad. Your feline friend may refuse to eat the dry cat food if it has gone bad, which is another piece of evidence that the food has gone bad.

dry cat food how to check if its spoiled or gone off

If you are a cat owner, one of the essential things you need to know is whether or not the food you provide your feline companion has gone bad. This is because cats, unlike humans, cannot vomit. So, spoiled food might make them sick or possibly kill them.

Signs Your Dry Cat Food Is Bad

  • Bad Smells

You may also use your sense of smell to determine whether your kitty kibble has gone bad or not. If you throw away the kitty kibble parcels and keep the kitten food in a different box or container for a while, you can’t know the exact expiry date, so never do this.

  • Change In Color

In addition to stale or rotten odors, you may also look at the dry kitty food and check to see if it has any discoloration or mold. If you see any discoloration or mold, you should eliminate the cat food immediately.

  • Cat Rejected To Eat 

If your kitten rejects the dry cat food, then there must be an issue with it. Either it is spoiled or has a bad taste due to any reason. Kitten food rejection behavior lets the owners know that kitty food has gone bad.

  • Expiry Date

Checking the expiry date is the simplest way to tell if the dry kitty food you purchased for your feline companion is still good. Cat food also expires like other foods; your cat shouldn’t consume it beyond the date. Most of the time, the “best before” date on the label of cat food is good for 180 days from the manufacturing date.

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It is always preferable to seek the advice of a specialist if you have reason to believe that the food has gone bad. A vet can tell you whether the food is bad and what to do. They may also be able to suggest better foods for your cat.

How to Store Dry Cat Food?

  • Choose the Right Bag for Storage

Your cat’s dry food will need to be kept in a container, so your first step is to determine what that will be. The best way to protect the flavor and freshness of your cat’s food is to store it in a durable container or bag that can be sealed.

  • Keep the Container in Place

In order to maintain its quality, the dry food you give your furry friend should be kept in a dark, dry, and cold location. It is possible that the food’s vitamins will be destroyed and that it will become a reproduction ground for germs if you keep it in an area that is too warm.

picture of dry cat food
  • Label Everything

Make sure you name every one of your storage containers, whether they are resealable bags, glass jars, or plastic containers. It’s helpful to label food containers with their expiration dates, so you know when to utilize them. You may use a permanent marker to write directly on plastic bags if you want to. Use labeling labels to avoid damaging reused jars or plastic containers.

  • Store any leftover food in the refrigerator.
  • Wash and thoroughly clean the dish.
  • Most individuals will wash the containers when anything goes wrong, but they often forget to wash them between bags of food, even if nothing goes wrong with the last load.
  • Even if there were nothing wrong with the food, there would still be fat and crumbs from the previous bag. These old food pieces might contaminate your pet’s fresh food with worms or infections that aren’t apparent to the eye.
  • When you switch out pet food bags, washing the containers well can help keep the food clean and safe for your kittens to eat. 
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Question: Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad After Opening?

Answer: You can leave dry cat food out for a few days without worrying about it going bad, but it’s best to throw away leftovers and wash Fluffy’s dish daily to keep her food as fresh as possible. It is important to remember that dry food may lose its freshness within a day, and once this occurs, it may not be as appetizing to your cat.

Question: Should Dry Cat Food Be Refrigerated?

Answer: Even while dry cat food may appear non-perishable, it will still go bad if it is stored on the shelf for an extended period. Instead, place Fluffy’s morsels in the freezer to maintain their freshness for an extended period. Dry cat food may maintain its quality for up to 26 weeks when stored in the freezer, which is good news for those who prefer to shop in larger quantities.

Question: Is It Ok to Store Dry Cat Food in Plastic Containers?

Answer: Plastic cat dishes may be a source of germs, which can risk your feline’s health. This is in addition to the possible risk that BPA and other chemicals can seep out of the bowl into your cat’s food. There are a lot of individuals who don’t clean the food and water dishes for their cats nearly often enough.

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When it comes to our furry friends, we have to do everything we can to protect and care for them. We can keep diseases from spreading to our felines by correctly storing and giving them food. Your cats wouldn’t want to eat food from a dirty container, just like you wouldn’t.