Pregnant Dog Leaking Clear Fluid

Is your poor pregnant dog leaking clear fluid? Well, don’t worry just yet. Typically it is common for a female dog to have some discharge during its heat or during the postpartum period after delivery. If the discharge occurs other than these times, it is usually an indication of some issue with the dog’s health. So, what about those dogs who leak clear fluid during pregnancy?

pregnant dog leaking clear fluid

If your pregnant female dog shows signs of leaking clear fluid during pregnancy, it means she is on or very close to her due date; you may anticipate that she will soon give birth to her puppies. 

If she is not already in a dog whelping box, you should move her to a calm and peaceful location and keep her there until the puppies are born since noise and stress might cause her to postpone the birthing process.

The vulva may also become swollen and flabby during the last week of pregnancy, along with clear fluid.

What Is Vaginal Discharge?

Any liquid substance that comes from the vulva is referred to as vaginal discharge. When seen in dogs, the presence of this fluid or any changes in the way it looks might indicate a problem. Common discharges include colorless and watery, red, milky, or purulent (containing pus). Every one of these kinds of discharge may be a symptom of a different problem, such as an infection, a physical deformity, trauma, or problems with reproduction. If you observe your dog dragging its hindquarters, licking the region, or having urine incontinence, you must schedule an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Different Vaginal Fluids in Female Canines

Several distinct patterns of vaginal fluids may be found in dogs. A veterinarian can better diagnose the condition by looking at the hue, constancy, and even smell of vaginal fluid. In female dogs, there may be one or more of the following forms of discharge:

  • Transparent Discharge: a clear and clean discharge is usually part of normal vaginal secretions.
  • Dog Mucus Plug: A mucus plug will form over the cervix of a pregnant dog. This barrier prevents microorganisms from entering the uterus, protecting the developing babies. This plug is a white fluid in color and resembles egg whites. There shouldn’t be any odor associated with it. The mucus plug is responsible for the discharge during pregnancy in certain dogs.
  • A Bloody Discharge: A bloody fluid in a pregnant dog might signify that the dog is about to have an abortion. Depending on the size of the fetuses at the time, the fetal remains may or may not be found. It is of utmost importance to determine the cause of the miscarriage and to have an ultrasound performed by the veterinarian to confirm that there are no fetal remnants remaining in the uterus. Anything left behind in the uterus after delivery increases the risk of bleeding and infection.
  • White Discharge: This type of discharge is typically associated with the indication of an infection.   It might sometimes take on a greenish or yellowish color.
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Why Your Pregnant Dog Have Clear Discharge?

The most typical explanation for clear discharge in female dogs is basic normal discharge, which lubricates the vagina. Since mucus membranes border the vagina, it is logical for it to produce mucus.

If your pregnant dog is discharging fluids at or near its due date, you can anticipate that she will soon give birth. Confine her to a peaceful place if she is not already in a whelping box, as noise or stress may induce her to prolong whelping. If you have been keeping an eye on her temperature and have seen that it has dropped below 100 degrees, then the puppies should arrive within the following twenty-four hours. As delivery draws near, she may get anxious, beginning to flip back and forth or lick herself. Once you observe clear labor symptoms, simply observe her. The majority of canines will give birth to their puppies without any assistance from their owners. If she does not start pushing within two to four hours of the beginning of labor, it is very suggested that you contact or see your local emergency vet to make sure that everything is still proceeding normally.

Other Causes of Fluid Leakage in Pregnant Dogs

If your female dog is pregnant, she can have more vaginal discharge. This is entirely natural and results from an increase in the blood flow to the area. Most pregnant dogs will have a discharge that is either pink or brown, and it will be a light-colored fluid.

There is a possibility that vaginal or vulvar tumors affect a pregnant dog if the animal develops a mucous-like discharge from the vagina. In addition to the discharge, other symptoms, such as vaginal bleeding, excessive licking of the region, or increased urine frequency, might be present. If the tumor continues to develop to a big enough point, we may be able to observe it emerging from the vagina. They’re generally benign tumors that may be surgically removed.

pregnant dog leaking clear fluid

If your dog was spayed not too long ago, there is a possibility that she may be leaking vaginal fluid. This is because the procedure has the potential to irritate the region, which in turn may increase discharge.

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How Long After Clear Discharge Does a Pregnant Dog Have Puppies?

It is recommended that the first fetus be born within two to three hours after the beginning of the labor pains. She should not be bothered as long as her vaginal discharge is clear and not in labor. After the start of labor, the puppies have the potential to remain in the uterus for up to 24 hours.

Is Clear Discharge Normal in Female Dogs?

In most cases, the leaking of a colorless and odorless fluid is perfectly natural in female dogs. On the other hand, an infection may be present if the discharge is viscous, yellow or green, or any combination of these characteristics. It is essential to take your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup as soon as possible if she is exhibiting any of these symptoms.

When a Pregnant Dog Produces Discharge?

In most cases, the discharge coming from the vagina will be a dark green color. This indicates that the placenta has separated from the uterine wall, and the woman is now prepared to give birth. If the discharge is still there after a few hours and your dog has not yet given birth to puppies, you should seek assistance from your veterinarian. In most cases, a mother dog can deliver her puppies entirely on her own.

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Is the Discharge Thick or Thin?

A thicker discharge might mean your dog is dehydrated, have an infection, or have another problem. There is probably nothing to worry about if the discharge is not too thick.