How to Get Dog Odor Out of Blankets [Full Guide]

Dogs are wonderful companions, but there are occasions when their odor becomes too strong, such as when they come into bed with you. You can get the smell of a dog out of a blanket, just like the smell of smoke out of clothes.

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Most dog owners won’t want to machine wash their dog’s blanket or any blanket their dog has used. So there are several ways to get dog odor out of blankets quickly.

6 Ways to Get Dog Odor Out of Blankets

Baking Soda

If you wish to remove the smell of dogs from the blanket, consider adding baking soda before you wash it. Baking soda can be used to eliminate smells while washing a blanket. To get rid of the persistent odor, combine your usual laundry detergent with around two cups of baking soda and use this combination.

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In order to get rid of the pup odor, you might try soaking the blanket in a solution of lukewarm water and vinegar overnight. On a chemical level, vinegar has the effect of breaking down enzymes and proteins. The purpose here is to dilute the offending compounds so that a thorough washing can remove the lasting odor.

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Deodorizing Spray

A deodorizing spray is yet another option for removing odors from a blanket. In order to remove the odor, you may use a scented product, but make sure it is safe for dogs.

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Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

If vinegar and baking soda aren’t doing the work, you might have to utilize a commercial cleaner containing enzymes if you want to get the work done. These items are intended to eliminate the odour by neutralizing the waste materials and pheromones that create them. You can pre-soak the blanket in enzymatic cleansers or use a washing detergent that contains enzymes with powerful cleaning capabilities.

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Dried up the Blankets

Instead of putting the fresh, clean blanket in the dryer, try laying it out in the sunlight to dry it naturally. There is a possibility that bacteria, which are killed by sunlight, are the cause of the odor that the blanket gives off. For this procedure to yield the best potential results, the blanket has to be left out in the sun until it is totally dry.

Vacuum Cleaning

Sometimes putting pet odor materials into the vacuum cleaner works. These cleaners are pros; therefore, they have access to more powerful chemicals. Before throwing the blanket away, think about how a vacuum cleaner could do some magic and bring the blanket back to its former glory.

How To Prevent Dog Odor 

Bathe Your Dog

This is one method that has been demonstrated to be effective in maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your pet. It is essential to bathe your pet regularly to remove the dirt and dust that might accumulate in the hair or coating of your pet. You should wash and dry your pet at least once a month and no longer than every three months.

Potty Training

When working with dogs, you should always be prepared for the possibility that they will have an accident at some point. Dog owners occasionally have to deal with unpleasant messes, so you must potty train your pet regardless of whether your pet is a young puppy or an older dog who has difficulties managing its bladder, or a healthy adult who simply had a one-time accident. It’s easy to clean urine off hard surfaces, but it’s harder to get urine smell out of blankets.

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Dog Bed Cover

You should ensure that the bed your dog sleeps in can be washed and does not retain odors. Beds typically come with removable and washable covers, allowing for easy cleaning in a washing machine. It’s possible that the bed’s interior doesn’t stink, but if it does, you might also be able to wash that.

Dog Perfume

Dog fragrances can reduce airborne odors, and high-quality perfumes will not only filter out the particulate matter. Still, they will also destroy germs and fungi in the air. Be sure to utilize scented candles and other types of air fresheners, such as a simple Febreze. You can also put your candles or oil air fresheners in the rooms where your pet spends most of its time.

Wash the Blanket

When we have a lot of laundries, it’s easy to forget to clean our dog’s clothes. When washing their bedding, blankets, and towels, use a laundry detergent safe for pets (unscented is the best option). 


Question: What Neutralizes Pet Odors? 

Answer: Baking soda is widely known as a universal odor remover. Putting baking soda in the area where a pet odor is coming from can be extremely helpful in reducing the smell while you find out the source of the smell. This is especially useful if you are unsure of the location of the basis of the odor.

Question: Does Vinegar Eliminate Pet Odors? 

Answer: Vinegar is another wonderful natural cleaning solution that may be used to eliminate more severe pet odors. If you want to clean carpets or floors, try using vinegar that has been diluted with a little water and spraying it from a container. Or, mix it with baking soda and use it on pillows or bedding to get rid of odors even more quickly.

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Question: What is the Most Powerful Odor Eliminator? 

Answer: Well, it depends. But in most cases, vinegar is considered the best powerful odor eliminator.


When you can’t get rid of the source of the pet odor itself since it is so lovely and loving, dealing with the pet odor on your bed may be challenging. This is especially true when the pet is on your bed. You will be able to deal with pet odor in your blankets if and when it occurs to you by being prepared in one of the described ways.