Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples? [Complete Guide]

Sometimes when we’re paying attention to a trait in humans, we wonder if it’s also present in our dog. The mystery won’t leave our thoughts until it’s solved. Adam’s apples in dogs is one of the most commonly discussed questions. Do dogs have Adam’s apples like humans? 

Adam’s apples are present in all canines, both male and female. If owners are unaware of this fact, they are likely to believe that their dog has tumors on their throat. There is no reason to be worried about either Adam’s Apple or the clinically recognized larynx.

do dogs have adams apples?

We must determine how Adam’s apple affects dogs because most dog owners are unaware of the condition. Let’s read the entire article.

What’s an Adam’s Apple Exactly?

An Adam’s Apple is a characteristic spherical lump or protrusion often found in the human neck. The term “laryngeal prominence” is the medical term for what is usually referred to as an Adam’s Apple.

The larynx, popularly known as the “voice box,” is surrounded by thyroid cartilage, a type of soft bone. This bulge, which many people are likely unaware of, is really an angle produced by this thyroid cartilage.

where is a dog's adams apple

Because it is located directly on top of the thyroid gland, the Adam’s Apple is also referred to as the “thyroid cartilage.” Adam’s Apple develops in adult males throughout puberty due to hormonal changes. After puberty, girls’ and boys’ larynxes begin to develop in distinct ways, in contrast to how they appeared before puberty.

In point of fact, this structure is thought to contribute to the deeper voices that are characteristic of males. A bigger larynx causes vibrations to resonate more, producing deeper sound.

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Purpose of Adam’s Apple in Dogs

Dog adam’s apples serve various purposes, all of which contribute to your dog’s overall health. The larynx plays a significant role in dogs’ breathing and maintaining their airways.

  1. Enable appropriate airflow – The larynx is responsible for allowing your dog’s vocal cords to open when they breathe in, ensuring adequate airflow.
  2. Stop food from going down the windpipe- The adam’s apple on your dog causes their vocal cords to shut while eating or drinking, stopping food and liquid from going down their windpipe.
  3. Enable vocalization — dog adam’s apples provide canines with the ability to bark.

Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

Yes, all canines have Adam’s Apples. Adam’s Apples are commonly referred to as the larynx by specialists.

You shouldn’t be concerned if you’ve heard someone say that dogs don’t have Adam’s apples but identify a bulge in the front of the neck as the Larynx. The Adam’s apple is that!

dogs and adams apples

However, little swellings can occur in many areas of your pet’s body. This indicates that the lumps you feel on your dog’s body may not always be Adam’s apple but may instead be a tumor of some kind.

How Do You Find Your Dog’s Adam’s Apple?

The anatomy of the dog’s neck is fairly comparable to that of the human throat, and it performs many of the same activities. You won’t have any trouble locating Adam’s apple on the back of your dog’s throat.

  • Move your fingertips from the front of the neck, which is placed underneath the chin.
  • You can move your hands about the region to check for any abnormal swellings and see if you can find any.
  • You will be able to feel the solid cartilage that is known as Adam’s apple, which can sometimes be rather large.
  • You should feel the cartilage ball when you reach the center of their neck.
  • When palpitating, your dog shouldn’t be uncomfortable and shouldn’t cough. 
  • Avoid applying abnormally high pressure on your dog’s neck. This is a sensitive region for your dog, and if you are overly rough with it, it might cause discomfort.
  • It’s advisable to investigate whether a dog’s neck lump is Adam’s apple or not. Your dog may have one, but it’s simply less obvious.
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Do Dogs Have Lumps in Their Throats?

A dog’s neck lump concerns pet owners. It might look like a ball or a raised region beneath the skin.

It is essential to thoroughly examine your canine companion by looking at it carefully and feeling its body for any abnormalities. You must investigate the various bumps on your dog’s neck. Some dog neck/throat tumors include:

  • Inflamed lymph nodes
  • Adam’s apple
  • Sebaceous cysts
  • Abscesses
  • Tumors
  • Allergic reaction resulting in lumps on a dog’s neck

Do Puppies Have Adam’s Apples?

It’s possible that puppies don’t have Adam’s apples. This is because Adam’s apples is only a word for the neck bump. It’s merely a cartilage growth in the dog’s larynx.

However, when pups mature into adult dogs, their owners will notice a difference in the sound of their puppies’ voices. Now, after a dog has reached adulthood, it differs in how it barks.

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Can a Female Dog Develop Adam’s Apple?

During puberty, a female’s voice box will also undergo various changes. Because the laryngeal development in females is not nearly as significant as in males, most women do not have Adam’s apples. 

Is a Dog’s Adam’s Apple Easy to Find?

Most of the dog’s Adam’s apples are concealed by their fur, so you won’t be able to view them directly. If a dog does not have very dense fur on their neck, it may give the appearance that the dog has Adam’s apple. The only way to know for sure is to use your finger to feel for it and locate it somewhere among the dog’s fur.