Why Is My Hamster Having Seizures? [Updated]

There are lots of different causes of seizures in hamsters, so finding the exact cause is sometimes not so straightforward to figure out. In order to determine the cause of the seizures a physical examination will have to be carried out.

Why is my hamster having seizures

Most Common Cause of Seizures in Hamsters


Trauma in my experience is the most common cause of seizures. Most hamster owners love to handle their hamsters even though at times it’s not particularly safe. Unfortunately due to the inexperience and usually age of hamster owners they tend to drop their pet hamsters, sometimes from a significant height.

Injuries to the head and spinal column can cause seizures. Trauma causes seizures because it damages the brain and disrupts the way it functions. Generally, an uncontrolled burst of electrical energy will be produced in the brain which is what we can a seizure.

Aside from damage to the brain, damage to the spinal cord also cause seizures because the brain and body are unable to communicate because of the disruption to the nerves.


Hypoglycemia can induce various neurological disturbances. One of the most acute symptoms is seizures. Low blood sugar is a common cause of Hypoycaemia in hamsters this can be die to an inadequate diet, diabetes, or even at times certain medication. You can try to prevent hypoglycemia by making sure your hamster has a nutritious diet.


Many different infections can cause seizures in hamsters, the most common ones are called encephalitis (Inflation of the brain), meningitis (inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain) and rabies although extremely rare.

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Infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or even parasites. All of these can be passed to our hamsters through contact with other animals or contaminated food.

If you believe your hamster has an infection you should act quickly as time is of the essence and ensure you get your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Metabolic Disorders

Many metabolic disorders can affect the way a hamster’s body consumes and uses energy. Unfortunately, most of these disorders are due to genetic abnormalities usually related to the liver or kidneys. Since these problems are genetic there usually is no course of action to prevent or treat them.

seizsure for hamsters


Strokes happen when blood flow is lost to the brain. This can damage or kill cells in an affected area of the brain and cause seizures. A stroke in hamsters happens when one of the large blood vessels leading to the brain becomes blocked. This can be due to a blood clot or narrowing of the vessel. When blood flow is restricted to the brain it can cause strokes and seizures.

Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is created by a mass or growth of abnormal cells on the hamster’s brain. These tumors can cause a seizure by creating pressure on the hamster’s brain. Tumors

A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the hamster’s brain. Tumors can cause seizures by pressing on or invading healthy brain tissue, or by releasing chemicals that disrupt normal brain function.

Tumors can occur anywhere in the body and can cause seizures as a result of pressure on the brain or as a by-product of the tumor’s growth.

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Viral Infections

Another leading reason which causes seizures in hamsters is viral infections. There are several different types of viral infection one of the most prominent infections is known as myxomatosis.

This virus is transmitted through contact with infected animals or objects, and it causes severe respiratory distress.


Exposure to toxins can cause seizures in hamsters. The most common mistake people make is using chemicals or cleaning products that contain toxins to clean their hamster’s cages. It’s a common mistake that has been made many a time. If you do plan on cleaning your hamsters cage or introducing new items to their life ensure there are no traces of toxins or chemicals.

causes of seizures in hamsters


There are many things that can cause seizures in hamsters, and it is important to be able to recognize the signs so that you can get your hamster the help it needs. If your hamster has a seizure, take it to the vet immediately so that it can be properly diagnosed and treated. Without medical treatment and a physical assessment, it’s going to be incredibly hard to diagnose the true cause.