Why Is My Cat Scared to Go Outside?

It’s likely that your cat will want to go out and explore the garden and beyond. But sometimes your cat is scared to go outside. So, let’s move on and try to answer this question: Why is my cat scared to go outside suddenly?

There are a few possible explanations for why cats are terrified of going outdoors. The most typical difficulties are a cat’s fear of other cats, anxiety brought on by an event the cat had outside, or any kind of fear.

cat scared to go outside

Let’s look at all the signs indicating your cat’s scared behavior to go outside.

Signs That Cats Are Getting Scared


Anxiety might be the problem if you have a cat acting strangely, staring, or constantly fearing. Anxiety can trigger overreactions in cats, including the fear of going outside. If your cat suffers from anxiety that is severe enough, it may require medicine or another form of therapy. You should consult with either your family doctor or a veterinary behaviorist about the best way to calm your cat’s anxiety.

Change in Tone

Changes in cats’ tone, often from louder to lower pitch, are often observed inc at’s behavior when they are scared to go outside.

Body Language

Usually, a cat’s body language is very active, adequately coordinated and confident. But, when they are scared to go outside, their body language will be submissive, and they try to hide as much as possible.

Aggressive Behavior

If you force your cat to go outside while they are not willing or/and scared of that, they may show some aggressiveness in their behavior.

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Snatching and Biting

At the very extreme, cats may bite or scratch furniture or any other material when they are scared to go outside.

How to Treat Them to Get Rid of Fear

Train Them Indoor

If you train your cat indoors from the very start, they try to go outside on their own. So, proper training is necessary for cats to tackle the fear of going outside.

cat scared to go outside

Bring Them Outside With a Cat Bag

If you make the decision to take your cat outside, it is recommended that you invest in a cat bag that is both cozy and strong. This will provide your cat with a secure environment in which it will be able to view the outside world. 

Regular Physical Checkups

Regular physical checkups with vets can also boost up your cat’s behavior to go outside and enjoy the outdoor environment. So, try to schedule a vet appointment once every two months to encourage your cat to go outside.

Ensure Private Space

Respect the kitty’s personal space. Provide it with a secure area, such as a tiny room, where it may go when it needs some quiet time. Keep it happy and healthy by providing all of its basic needs, including fresh water, food, and a litter tray, in addition to its favorite blankets and toys, in this space.

Outside Potty Training

Encourage outside potty training from the very start when your kitties are young kittens. This can encourage your cat to go outside without being scared. The best way to start them on the path to potty training success is to pick them up and take them outdoors to use the litter box. This process should be repeated for a few days so that they may associate going outdoors to potty training with positive experiences. You may prepare your cat for its new life outside by mixing in some dirt and leaves with the litter. This will help your cat adjust to the outdoor environment in the future.

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Question: Do Cats Naturally Want to Go Outside

Answer: Some cats will instantly start wanting to go outdoors on a regular basis, while other cats, particularly kittens or cats who have never been outside before, may prefer to gradually boost the amount of time they enjoy in the fresh air. It is essential that you give your cat the freedom to investigate the outside world at its own pace.

Question: Should I Force My Cat to Go Outside

Answer: It is essential that you give your cat the freedom to investigate the outside world at its own pace. It is not suggested that you forcefully pick up your cat and take them outside. This behavior can stress out your cat, which might lead to them associating being outdoors with an unpleasant experience.

Question: Do Cats Run Away if They Are Unhappy

Answer: If your cat is unhappy or experiencing anxiety, it may become startled and start to run away from you the moment you get close to them. Changes in the family, new or relocated furniture, or the introduction of a new cat into the neighborhood are all examples of the kinds of things that might cause anxiety in cats.


We want what’s best for our kitties, which sometimes means spending time outdoors. The discussion on whether or not it is better to keep a cat indoors or outside is lengthy, and both sides have equally compelling reasons.

Therefore, when it comes to the perspectives of our four-legged companions on the subject, it is essential to note that the outdoors is far bigger and broader than they are capable of comprehending, which causes some of them to experience anxiety. Others simply enjoy the conveniences of their own homes. However, it would help if you didn’t worry about it since they still want to be with you, whether you’re inside or outside.