Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Hair? [7 Reasons]

Cats are known for their playful behavior and it seems some cats are obsessed with hair. This behavior can range from gentle tugging on your hair to full-force swiping. Some people find it entertaining and cute others find it annoying and want their cat to stop. Usually, cats are obsessed with hair because they find the motion entertaining and want to play with it, however, there are several other reasons.

So let’s try to find out why your cat is obsessed with your hair!

cat obsessed with ladies hair

The Fascinating Connection Between Cats and Human Hair

Cats Are Playful and See Your Hair as Entertainment

You might have noticed that cats love to play. The classical image of a kitten with a ball of string comes to mind. Your hair is no different! Combine the length and texture with the natural motion of your hair when you move your head back and forth you have the perfect toy for a cat. Your hair at times can be mesmerizing and irresistible for your cat.

cat playing with balls of string

Your Cat Wants to Groom You

Grooming is one of the most common cat behaviors and an important part of every cat’s life. Cats love to groom themselves and others and your hair might be the perfect opportunity for your cat to practice their skills. There’s also the chance that your cat gets a sense of comfort from grooming you and is a way for them to show affection.

Your Cat Is Seeking Attention

Cats are known for their attention-seeking ways and some crave attention more than others. If your cat is a known attention seeker and is known to nudge or paw at you it’s more likely than not that it’s attacking or playing with your hair as a way to get attention. Cats might also understand that if they groom your hair that they will get a positive reaction and this will cause them to keep doing it.

naughty cat

It Reminds Them of Prey Animals

Another possible reason why cats are obsessed with your hair is that some cats might instinctively be reminded of prey animals due to the quick swift movements your hair makes. Cats, as we all know, have a natural instinct to hunt and chase small animals like mice and birds. So when your cat sees your long flowing hair they might think it’s the fur of their prey. Just as cats are attracted to specific toys such as string the idea remains the same.

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It Reminds Them of Themselves

Cats are drawn to the texture of human hair because it’s the most similar part to their fur. Your hair can be comforting for a cat because it reminds them of themselves and their dear family members. So just remember when your cat rubs against your hair it might be doing so to comfort itself or show you affection.

Cats Are Attracted to Strong Smells

Another likely reason cats are obsessed with hair is that cats are naturally attracted to specific strong smells. Cats are known for their powerful smelling abilities. They love certain scents that are strong and appealing. These could be from fragrances in oil and perfumes. So just pay attention next time you wash your hair with scented shampoo or condition and see if your cat behaves in a different way.

Cats Love Soft Textures

Texture is a key component when it comes to understanding why cats are attracted to certain things. Cats use their sense of touch to carefully explore their environment, while cats may not be able to see the texture of an object they can feel it through their sensitive whiskers.

cats love textures

If a cat likes the texture and it feels interesting or inviting your cat will likely be drawn to it. The feeling of various fabrics and surfaces is of particular interest to certain cats and this applies to the feeling and texture of your hair also. Cats tend to prefer soft textures like cloth, fleece, and soft hair whilst shying away from rough materials such as metals or plastic.

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In conclusion, cats may be attracted to your hair for a multitude of reasons. It’s more often than not the motion of your hair when you move your hair. There are obviously many reasons that it could be from attention seeking or just the way your hair smells. To find out you’ll have to experiment a little bit and find out the real answer for yourself.