Why Does My Dog Sit On Me When I’m Lying Down?

There is a common misconception that cats are the only animals who enjoy cuddling, but a great number of dogs are frequently seen climbing up into their owners’ laps. And we’re not just talking about small dogs. Many massive and giant breed dogs will lie down if they have the chance, much to the dismay of their owners! But why does my dog sit on me when I am lying?

Your dog may sit on you for various reasons, including a need for attention, boredom, separation anxiety, or because the behavior has been accidentally rewarded.

why does my dog lay on me

When pondering the question of why your dog likes to sit on you, there are a lot of details that you might take into consideration. 

Why Does My Dog Sit On Me?

For each of the various reasons why your pup sits on you, the way it does it will probably give you a few clues. There are a variety of possible explanations for this behavior, as well as factors that make them more probable.

Craving Affection

One of the most simple explanations for why your pup sits on you when you’re lying down is because it desires love. It is essential to remember that certain dogs are meant to sit on people’s laps and are far more loving than others. This is why dogs are often said to as man’s best friend.

Separation Anxiety

There are a lot of dogs out there who have problems with separation anxiety. This is especially true if you leave your dog alone all day. Your pup’s uncertainty about when or if you will return might make them anxious.

why does my dog sit on me

If you leave all day and your dog clings to you, he may have separation anxiety. Pups who suffer from separation anxiety are more likely to make a lot of noise (barking or crying) when no one is home during the day.

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To Show Dominance

Your canine companion may lay on you to show others they’re in charge. In this situation, your dog may perceive its position on your lap as a command position. Your dog’s dominance issues may be connected to his sitting on you when other dogs around that he’s not comfortable with.

In severe circumstances, your dog may be hostile when sitting on you. This behaviour should be discouraged, and professional assistance should be considered if required.

The Behavior of the Breed

Certain dog breeds are extremely loving and always feel the need to be in your close surroundings. Great Danes, for instance, are known to be gentle giants who like children. It may be common for a huge pup to sit on a little lap to protect and bond with his companion.

Comfort and Security

Dogs are social animals that feel safe in groups. Moreover, canines appreciate being secure. They enjoy having four walls around them and a roof over their heads. Because of this, dogs enjoy being in confined quarters such as dens, crates, tables, and other places.

The dog may stick close to you and even be on top of you to feel safer. This is something that frequently occurs with pups who suffer from anxiety. Dogs love to sleep ontop of their owners because its makes them feel comfortable and there is a lot an element of them protecting you.


It might do that because it is boring. It is possible that the animal is not getting the amount of activity that is advised for its breed, which leads to it being restless. It’s more likely to do this when it’s not active.

In this instance, ensuring that it receives the appropriate amount of exercise would be beneficial. You might also try giving it items to keep it occupied, such as toys, bones, or puzzles designed just for dogs.

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Mental and Physical Illness

Your mental or physical condition may be causing your pup to sit on you when you lay down, but that’s not the only explanation. 

Pups can detect sorrow and sadness, so your dog may be comforting you if you’re upset. Be careful that dogs can smell some diseases, such as cancer.

What Can I Do About My Pup Sitting on Me?

You have a variety of options available to you if your pup continues to sit on you. The greatest solution for your dog depends on the cause. Here are some answers:

Train It Not To

You may educate your pup not to sit on you by instructing it to remain on the floor whenever you are seated. This will prevent your dog from sitting on you. You may achieve this by training it to sit or lie down for longer and longer durations. 

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the greatest technique to train or unlearn dog habits. This training “uses a reward (treats, praise, toys, or anything else the dog finds enjoyable) for the desired behaviors. Positive reinforcement is one of the best/practical tools for molding or modifying your pup’s behavior since it increases the likelihood that they will engage in the activity again when they receive the reward.

Positive reinforcement and crate training may provide pups and older dogs their own room to relax and sleep without utilizing your body.

Give It Attention Throughout the Day

Since it may be doing so to grab your attention, it would be beneficial to pay attention throughout the day. You may do this by giving it regular exercise, training, and engaging in interactive play with it.

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Help Reduce Their Anxiety

Your pup will benefit from receiving increased attention and care from you, which will also help him feel less stressed.

why does my dog sit on me

Because your dog’s separation anxiety may cause them to become too possessive and dependent on you, you must work with them to develop their own sense of freedom.

You should provide them with various toys to chew on and puzzle toys to keep them engaged until you can return to them.

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When Your Dog Started Sitting on You

It could be helpful to think about when it first started to sit on you. If it began doing it all of a sudden, then it’s possible that something prompted it to begin doing it in the first place. The following are examples of things that may have taken place:

  • You showed appreciation by rewarding it for sitting with you earlier.
  • You have been putting in longer shifts at work.
  • It stopped moving around as much.

Why Do Dogs Lay On Other Dogs?

Dogs like to lay on other pups for a lot of the same reasons they like to lay on people. One or more of the following may qualify as one of these reasons:

  • Their instincts make them want to be touched and cared for.
  • They want to get warm when it’s cold.
  • They are providing comfort to the other dog.
  • They suffer from anxiety and are searching for a calm environment or a canine companion to feel more at ease.
  • They are respectful and at ease with the other dog.

Dogs may also demonstrate their dominance by lying on top of one another.