Why Do Dogs Like Chapstick [Guide]


Chapsticks are great for chapped lips and some even come with great scents and flavors. Many people enjoy using chapstick to moisturize their dry lips and why not? With some great flavors like strawberries and peanut butter!

It’s fine for us as humans to use chapstick because we understand that we are not supposed to eat them. However, the same cannot be said for our pet dogs. Sometimes our dogs find the alluring scent and taste of chapstick irresistible and decide that they are gonna eat them! Today we are going to discuss a couple of reasons by dogs like chapstick and what we should do about it.

Why do dogs like chapsticks

The Sweet Taste of Chapstick: Understanding Why Dogs Like Chapsticks

Dogs are attracted to chapsticks for several reasons, including the strong scents of the products, their texture, and a dog’s instinct to chew and lick smaller items.

Some chapsticks also come in enticing flavors (My personal favorites are strawberry or cherry-flavored ones). Dogs find these irresistible especially since their sense of smell is far superior to ours as humans. It’s important to note that attraction to chapsticks is subjective to each individual dog and varies based on their personal preferences. They might even have their own favorite flavor!

It’s crucial to remember that dogs should not be allowed to consume chapstick, as certain ingredients in these products can be harmful to dogs and cause adverse health effects.

Chapsticks Ingredients and the Risks to Dogs

Ingredients in a Chapstick can vary, but common ingredients include Lanolin, Petrolatum, and Beeswax.

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While these common ingredients do not pose an imminent danger to our pet dogs it’s important to understand that products that are made from petroleum can cause gastrointestinal irritation if ingested. Consuming chapsticks can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues in dogs. In severe cases, it may even lead to more serious health problems.

If you are concerned about your dog’s health after they’ve consumed a chapstick it’s always better to contact a vet so you can put your mind at ease. And like the saying goes “better safe than sorry”.

Storing Chapsticks and Other Harmful Items Safely

It’s essential as responsible dog owners that we provide proper storage for any items that could prove hazardous to our pets.

Dogs love to chew and eat things that they shouldn’t such as shoes, furniture, and various plastic objects so it should come as no surprise if your dog tries to eat your tasty chapstick.

Conclusion – Why Dogs Love Chapsticks

While dogs may love the flavors and smell of chapsticks, it’s important to take the steps to prevent accidental ingestion, which in some circumstances can lead to serious health problems.

Keep items such as chapsticks out of reach of your dog and educate your family and friends to do the same. With a little bit of common sense, you can ensure that your dog is safe and healthy.

We recommend that all pet owners always have the phone number of their local veterinarian and the ASPCA (Animal Poison Control Center) in case of any emergency. (888) 426-4435

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We hope you enjoyed this article about why dogs like chapsticks and we hope that the advice we gave proves useful to you and your dog.