Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens? [Full Explanation]

What Does It Mean When My Cat Brings Me Her Kittens?

Your cat bringing you her kittens may indicate she trusts you and sees you as a source of protection for her offspring. It could also be a sign that she needs help caring for the kittens or is seeking attention from you.

why does my cat bring me her kittens

Cats exhibit strong maternal instincts and have a close bond with their kittens. This behavior is not unique to domesticated cats but can also be observed in their wild counterparts. When a cat presents her kittens to you, she is effectively placing her trust in your care. This gesture indicates a strong bond between the cat and the cat’s owner. It indicates that the owner is seen as a trusted family member.

Top Reasons Cats Bring You Their Kittens

Your Cat Wants You To Protect Her Kittens

There are many reasons why cats bring you their kittens. The most common one which is observed is that they are seeking protection. Cats are instinctively overprotective of their young because they understand that they are vulnerable. Cats will often move their kittens to a safe place or with a “safe person” when they sense danger. This applies more to outdoor cats which commonly face difficulties with hazards, predators, and extreme weather conditions.

why do cats always bring me your kittens

Cats who show this behavior believe that by playing their kittens with their owner she is ensuring the survival and well-being of their kitten. This behavior is a natural instinct and demonstrates a strong bond between the mother cat and her kittens.


Another reason your cat brings me bringing you their kittens is for socialization. Kittens are born with a natural instinct to seek out members of their species for play and socialization. If your cat is bringing her kittens to you then they might be attempting to create a bond between you and their kitten. Socializing kittens at a young age helps them feel more comfortable around people.

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This behavior is the mother cat’s way of creating a bond between her kitten and you. The mother cat might understand that you are essential to her survival and she wants to solicit care and attention such as providing food and helping care for her kittens

She Wants to Show Off Her Kittens

Cats bring their kittens to their human caretakers as a way of showing off their offspring and seeking approval. It is a sign of trust and affection towards their human and a display of pride in their maternal instincts. This behavior is also believed to be instinctual and serves as a way for cats to ensure their offspring are protected and cared for. By presenting their kittens to their human, cats are seeking a response that reinforces their maternal instincts and reinforces their bond with their caretaker.

cute kittens is there nest

She Wants You To Feed Them

Finally, cats bring you their kittens because they want you to feed them. Since you feed your cat there’s a good chance that your cat expects you to do the same for her kittens. Especially if they sense or smell you have food available. This might also be because she is unable to produce enough milk to feed all of her kittens, or simply she could just be tired and needs a small break.

The Nesting Area is Unhygienic

Cats are exemptional clean animals and have no time for dirty, smell areas. If your cat for whatever reason believes that their “nesting area” is unhygienic it will attempt to move its nest to another location if they are unable to clean it. If this is the case the mother cat has brought you their kittens because they are attempting to either move their nest or find another location that they believe to be suitable.

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Why Does My Cat Only Bring Me One Kitten?

Cats are both sensitive and survival-driven. They may detect health issues in their kittens, even if unseen by us, and remove the affected kitten to protect the rest. This behavior stems from their wild instincts to avoid attracting predators. If you observe a mother cat moving only one kitten and not creating a new nest, it may indicate a problem with that kitten. You can try returning it to the nest and observing.

How Do I Stop my Cat From Moving Her Kittens

It’s usually not advisable to stop your cat from moving her kittens. However, if you believe you need to for a valid reason such as a safety concern then we suggest you create a new nesting area for them. This area should be a secure and comfortable den for the mother and kittens in a quiet area where they feel safe.


To summarize, cats bring their owners their kittens as part of their natural behavioral instincts. These instincts are driven by their need for survival, protection, socialization, and food.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to handle the situation carefully and with caution. If the mother cat is comfortable with your presence, you can offer her food and water and provide a safe, warm place for her and her kittens to rest. However, if the mother cat seems scared or aggressive, it is best to give her space and allow her to care for her young in peace.