Top 20 Names for White Guinea Pigs [Updated]

White guinea pig names

Top 20 White Guinea Pig Names

1. Ghost

2. Tundra

3. Angel

4. Casper

5. Sugar

6. Tic-Tac

7. Popcorn

8. Blizzard

9. Snowball

10. Marshmellow

11. Pearl

12. Misty

13. Icicle

14. Igloo

15. Everest

16. Moonlight

17. Dove

18. Coconut

19. Chilly

20. Peppermint

So you’ve just got a new guinea pig? You’ve got all the equipment, you’ve got the food, you’ve read all the books/guides and you’re ready to go but there’s still one thing missing! What are you going to name your guinea pig? Today we are gonna focus on the Top 20 white guinea pig names.

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular household pets and it’s no surprise considering how adorable, cute, and loving they are. There is a wide variety of guinea pigs including different breeds, different color combinations, and even different hair lengths but today we are specifically going to focus on White guinea pigs. Recently I’ve seen a couple of really cool rare white albino guinea pigs on Instagram and it made me wonder what would I call my guinea pig if I got another one. 

I thought choosing a name would be easy but choosing a guinea pig’s name can be a difficult thing to do. Your pet’s name is a reflection of yourself with such things as your passions, interests, and sense of humor all conveyed in your pet’s name.  Nobody wants a boring name for their pet guinea pig we all want to try to find something unique and original but that’s easier said than done.

 So we’ve put together a convenient list with some ideas which hopefully with inspire you to find a new name for your pet guinea pig.

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Tips for Naming Your Guinea Pig

When naming any pet there are a couple of things that we should consider first. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started on your pet naming journey. 

best White guinea pig names

1. Trying to think of a short name preferably one or two syllables. Many owners suggest that having a shorter name for your pet makes it easier for your pet to understand and respond to its own name. Also, it’s just not convenient to have a long name for your pet if you are having to say it constantly you’re going to get tired of it. 

 2. Think of a name that you feel comfortable saying around others. Don’t pick a name that you are embarrassed to say. If for any reason you have to call your guinea pig and you’re in the presence of others and they have an embarrassing name it’s no doubt going to feel embarrassing for you too. 

3. You don’t have to name your guinea straight away sometimes it’s better to wait and see what kind of personality your guinea pig has

. You can study their behavior and figure out a name that truly reflects the way they act. 

4.  Consider looking at movies and books which feature characters you like. By naming your guinea pig after a certain character you will be always reminded of something that’s found to you.  Consider looking at names with which you have positive feelings towards with. These can come from real-life experiences, books, films, or even games. You can even name your guinea after someone that is inspirational to you.