What Happens if a Cat Gets Pregnant by Her Brother?

If a cat becomes pregnant by her brother, the result is called inbreeding. Inbreeding is the term for when two closely related cats mate together such as a brother and sister. Inbreeding can happen between siblings, half-siblings, and a wide variety of other combinations which I’m sure you’d prefer not to know about. The reality is, when it comes to mating with cats, they generally don’t care about the whole family aspect of things.

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The issue of inbreeding is hotly contested. Many individuals think that inbreeding can result in exceptional cats of a certain breed. Because breeds can concentrate on enhancing desired characteristics in their cats. Due to inbreeding, some cat bloodlines can be recognized and are highly valued.

While many breeders are in favor of inbreeding, some may feel differently. This is primarily because there are numerous hazards connected to inbreeding. Genetic flaws are one of these dangers. such as a lowered resistance to disease, weakened physiological systems, and a shorter life expectancy.

Is Inbreeding Normal for Cats?

Most domestic cat breeds are the direct result of inbreeding. For example, cats such as Siamese or Persian cats are the product of inbreeding two closely related individuals. In fact, “pedigree” cats are heavily inbred. Pedigree cats are prized for exhibiting the characteristics desirable for that breed and are used to father many litters.

Can a Cat Get Pregnant by Her Brother?

Yes, a cat can get pregnant by her brother. However, it’s generally not recommended. This is because of the risks associated with inbreeding. These risks include genetic defects, lower immunity to diseases, a weaker bone structure, and body, and many more. The list is endless.

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What Happens if My Female Cat Is Impregnated by Her Brother?

If your female cat has become pregnant by her brother, there is a higher possibility that she will give birth to kittens with genetic abnormalities. These defects can range from minor to severe, sometimes even fatal. In some cases, the mother can miscarry or give birth to stillborn kittens.

Although the risks of unhealthy offspring are much higher, it’s also worth noting there is a very good chance that the kittens will healthy. Just because cats are inbred doesn’t mean that they will always have issues, just an increased risk.

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There is no guarantee that a litter of kittens fathered by a brother cat will have any genetic abnormalities. Although it is certainly something to be aware of if you are the proud owner of a multi-cat household. If this is a problem you’ve experienced recently it might be worth speaking to your veterinarian about having them sprayed or neutered to help prevent unwanted litters.

Inheriting Problems From the Brother Cat

While inbreeding might help a cat acquire certain desirable qualities, it also raises the possibility of genetic flaws. The parents’ offspring may inherit these flaws from them. Heart deformities, cleft palates, and crossed eyes are a few issues that may be present in inbred kittens. Kittens may be born blind or deaf in extreme circumstances. In certain cases, they may even have physical flaws that make it difficult for them to urinate or defecate normally.