What Cream Can I Put On My Dog’s Sore Bum? [Complete Guide]

Sore bum in dogs is frequent and can have several causes. If your dog’s bum is red and sore and seems to be itching, you might be thinking, “What cream can you put on your dog’s sore bottom?”

what cream can i put on my dogs sore bum

You have several options for creams, including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Panalog, Dermasolve, Vasoline, and Bum Genius. First, identify the irritation’s cause, then use the proper cream according to the situation.

What Is a Sore Bum, and Why Does It Happen?

When a dog’s bum becomes inflamed, it develops a sore bottom. There is a range of causes for this behavior in dogs. Playing too rough or sprinting on hard surfaces like concrete can create bruising and abrasions that infect and cause a sore bum. Another cause of an uncomfortable, irritable bum is when the fur becomes matted with poop.

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Signs Your Dog Has a Sore Bottom

If your dog has a painful bum, look for these signs:

  • Scooting
  • Pain
  • A fishy or gassy odor
  • Blood in poop or around the bum
  • Difficulty passing stool or chronic constipation
  • Deep wounds or sores
  • Swelling around the anus
  • Licking their back end excessively

If you observe any of these signs, call your vet so your Dog can be examined.

Reasons Why Your Pup’s Bum Might Be Sore

There are various reasons for a sore dog bum. The following are some of the most common causes of an itchy and red bum on your Dog:

  • Allergies
  • Worms
  • Infections such as yeast or bacterial infections
  • Chemical burns from bleach or cleaners
  • Diarrhea
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Blocked Anal Glands

However, a more significant reason your Dog’s butt could be uncomfortable and itchy is that its anal glands need to be expressed. Even if you might not bring up this issue regularly, it is, in fact, a problem that has to be handled. Blocked anal sacs can cause infection and discomfort in your Dog.

Due to the risk of injuring your Dog, you should never express or drain your Dog’s anal glands yourself.

How Can You Avoid a Sore Bum in Your Canine Companion?

Here are ways to avoid your Dog’s painful bum.

  • Up-to-date Immunizations: Check to see if your dog has had all the vaccinations scheduled. This will avoid illness and a painful bum.
  • Regular Worming: Maintain control of your Dog’s intestinal worms by regularly worming them. This will help to limit the number of feces that can build, preventing irritation from occurring.
  • Flea Bathing: Fleas may also irritate your Dog’s bottom; thus, you should ensure that you bathe your dog regularly to get rid of any annoying fleas.
  • Dietary Supplementation: Include various supplements, such as probiotics or coconut oil, in your dog’s diet that will help maintain healthy feces and keep their bums clean.
  • Grooming: Keep up with your Dog’s grooming to prevent hair from becoming stuck in their anal sacs and causing irritation or infection.

What Creams Can I Use to Soothe My Dog’s Sore Bottom?

Learn more about some specific creams that may be used for the painful bum of your Dog.

1. Neosporin

Neosporin is the first option. It can be applied to a dog’s back, but only in minute quantities. But there are some other ointments that are better than this. Therefore, it is best to use a cream designed specifically for dogs.

bum cream for dogs

2. Sudocrem

It is safe to use Sudocrem on canines and may help soothe the pain in your Dog’s bum. Take care not to get Sudocrem in your Dog’s ears, nostrils, muzzle, eyes, or anywhere near those areas.

sudocrem for dogs bum

Consult a pet vet before giving your dog any ointments/lotions. In addition, before applying Sudocreme to your Dog’s bum, you should first do a small area test and wait a full day before continuing. Don’t aggravate your Dog’s sore bottom by applying an allergic cream.

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3.  Metanium

This cream can be applied to dogs if they are experiencing painful, swollen, or itching bum. This cream is usually recommended for dogs experiencing pain, swelling, or itching back.

Put a minimal quantity of metanium cream to the inflamed area on your Dog’s bum, then slowly rub it in thoroughly.

4. Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory steroid that is quite modest in its effects. The use of hydrocortisone cream on dogs is not only completely safe but also provides excellent comfort and relief for the sore and itching bum.

best creams for dog bum issues

Hydrocortisone cream is beneficial; however, long-term usage may cause adverse effects. Before applying hydrocortisone cream to your Dog, it is highly suggested that you discuss your treatment options with a qualified veterinarian.

How Can You Treat a Pup’s Sore Bum at House?

The first step is to figure out what’s causing your dog’s bum pain. Many conditions can lead to this, including issues with the anal gland, parasites, and even cancer. When you know the reason, you can cure it.

Some of the remedies that can be done at home are:

  • Always keep your dog clean, as this will assist you in preventing getting an illness.
  • Feed your Dog a high-quality meal rich in fiber to improve his digestion and, perhaps, find a solution to the problem.
  • If parasites cause the sore bum, take over-the-counter treatments or see a vet.
  • If the problem is with the anal glands, your veterinarian may need to express the glands to treat the condition physically.
  • Regularly bathe your Dog with a dog-safe shampoo. This will help prevent infection and allow you to examine the skin for any other potential issues.
  • A balanced diet is vital for your pooch’s bum. Check to see that they have a lot of high-quality components like fiber in their products.
  • You can treat the sore bum with medicine or a worming pill if it is determined that parasites cause the sore bum.
  • Soothe with little quantities of warm water