Rare French Bulldog Colors – [Complete Guide]

Getting a puppy is one of the most exciting decisions a person will ever make. Dogs teach responsibility and affection. If you are thinking about adopting a French bulldog puppy into your house, you will undoubtedly have difficulty choosing the most suitable color for you and your family. Rare French bulldog coat colors have recently been gaining a lot of attention, in addition to the standard approved coat colors and patterns.

rare french bulldog colors

Rare hues in French Bulldogs may be their most remarkable evolution. But what are those rare colors that Frenchies have? 

The rarest colors of French Bulldogs include blue merle, lilac, chocolate, merle (different from blue), sable, and cream.

In a world where a typical French Bulldogs may cost thousands, these rare hues might cost $50,000.

What Are the Rare French Bulldog Colors?

Black, sable, blue, isabella, merle, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan are rare French Bulldog colors. The blue merle pattern is almost certainly the rarest to achieve them all.

The French Bulldog can’t reproduce naturally. These canines were not intended to give birth naturally because their hips are too narrow. When they are first born, Frenchies require continual attention and care from their owners.

Rare French Bulldog colors are costly. The color of the French bulldog puppy is determined by the DNA of both of its parents.

Let’s take a look at some rare coat colors for French Bulldogs:

Blue French Bulldog

The fact that the blue French bulldog species gets a lot of attention is not overestimated. People’s perspectives on them are highly diverse and often contradictory to one another. Some people believe that the blue Frenchie cannot be healthy since its coat color is so rare.

rare french bulldog colors

There are a variety of diseases that can affect Blue French Bulldogs. A dog’s health is directly related to the health history of the dog’s parents when the dog was a puppy. Find a blue Frenchie puppy that was bred correctly and is healthy.

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Lilac Frenchie

Frenchies can have a lilac coat from a gene mutation. Lilac Frenchies have been found to have the (bbdd) genotype, suggesting homozygosity. In contrast to French Bulldogs with denser coats, lilacs have sensitive skin around the muzzle. Their parents should use sunscreen while introducing them to UV rays.

rare french bulldog colours

The Isabella French Bulldog is cute, attractive, and small. It has a unique coat with a light shade of liver and a greyish-blue color. Because of their magnificent coats, they’re the rarest French Bulldog variant.


Isabella French Bulldogs also have light-colored eyes, which can be yellow, light blue, green, or golden brown in hue, depending on the individual dog.

If you are thinking about adopting a french bulldog, here is some great advice.

The Isabella color results from the dispersion of the red, yellow, or black color genes. They have markings that are either white or cream-colored on the chests of their bodies.

what colours are rare for french bulldogs

Pink skin can be seen around the lips and eyes, as well as on the noses of Isabella Frenchies. Dog owners must protect their skin.


Pure chocolate brown French bulldogs are recessive. They occasionally have a white stripe that runs from the top of their neck to the bottom of their belly. In addition to that, their inner ears are often pink, and their eyes are green.

Chocolate french bulldogs

Sable French Bulldog

Sable French Bulldog is a rarer version of the fawn dog. The majority of the time, their eyes are dark, and they have a color that resembles fawn with black or blue edging. In addition, the black mask may be present, and the species may or may not have pied markings.

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It is not easy to find a pure black Frenchie, but you will notice that they have a fascinating appearance when you do.

rare black french bulldog

Because of the white color and bat-like form of their inner ears, they have a very distinctive appearance. A French bulldog with a black coat is rare to find on the market, which is one of the reasons why many people want to buy one.

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Black and White

The French Bulldogs with black and white markings have white markings on their black fur. The gene that makes these dogs have white spots is called the “Piebald gene.” The marks are partially determined by the genes inherited from the parents.

black and white rare french bulldog

Despite their incredible and unique coat patterns, these little dogs are susceptible to health issues like any other Frenchie.

Cream Frenchie

Cream and white Frenchies are sometimes confused because their coat colors are similar. However, they are not the same in reality. The exterior of a cream Frenchie is colored to resemble an eggshell appearance.

cream french bulldog

Rare/Scarce Frenchie Companions Health Problems

Frenchies have many complicated health conditions, which isn’t surprising. These worries stem from the idea that breeding causes gene dilution. Find a reputed breeder if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your Frenchie’s health. When you wish to adopt a Frenchie companion, make sure you obtain pet insurance.

French Bulldog Coat Color Grooming and Care

Because French Bulldogs have short hair, they require far less grooming than most other breeds of dog. It should be sufficient to brush their coats once a week if you want to maintain their appearance.

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Care and grooming aren’t about their fur. It’s the skin they have. It is common for French Bulldogs to suffer from skin conditions. Scratching too much can irritate the sensitive skin of many Frenchies, which can lead to rashes, infections, or lesions if the dog does it often enough. Some French Bulldogs need medicated shampoos; however, researchers recommend Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo for delicate skin.

Is It Okay to Get a Rare-Colored Frenchie?

Since Frenchies are already adorable, affectionate, and appealing dogs, the addition of rare French Bulldog colors can add to the attraction of Frenchies. Due to breeding, a rare-colored Frenchie may have health difficulties.

The problem with these puppies is that once people started seeing them in these rare colors, backyard breeders followed the trend and started breeding too many of them. It’s important to remember that not all Frenchies with rare colors are bred irresponsibly.

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How to Buy a Rare Colored French Bulldog?

To get a healthy rare-colored French bulldog, choose a reliable breeder. This will help you keep your money secure, which is better than the alternative, which might result in you buying an unhealthy dog and eventually passing away at an early age.

Breeders of rare colored Frenchies are hard to come by. The average breeder will only encounter a rare color French bulldog just once-twice a year, and unless they are determined to produce one, they may never have one.