Puppy Not Eating Much and Sleeping a Lot [Guide]

Puppies are recognized for their bouncy energy, whether jumping into a pile of leaves or yelling at their reflections in the mirror. Your puppy needs a lot of energy for all his exploration and discovery, and you can provide that by feeding him many times a day. Why is it that my new pup isn’t eating as much and sleeping so much?

Puppies sleep about 12 to 14 hours a day, and they are usually busy when they aren’t sleeping. Several potential reasons your puppy might not be eating as much as usual (or at all) include weariness, stress, vaccination, the presence of many other pets, or even disease. You are the only one who knows your dog’s behavior as well as you do; therefore, it should be quite easy for you to determine whether or not they are being sleepy or lazy.

sleepy puppy

This article will discuss a few of the more frequent reasons and solutions for why your beloved puppy may not be eating or sleeping throughout the day.

What Causes Puppies to Be Sleepy?

There are a few reasons why some pups won’t eat, although this is often one of their favourite activities. Puppies are unable to verbally explain the reason why they are not eating. Nevertheless, specialists such as veterinarians have noticed a variety of explanations, including the following:


Some picky puppies only want to eat certain things and won’t eat anything else. Once you give in to your puppy’s demands and give it the food it wants, you teach it how to acquire what it wants. If your puppy is healthy, “tough puppy love” may encourage it to consume your choice of food during feedings.

Stress and High Temperatures

Your dog’s desire to eat may decrease if they are under a lot of stress, which also includes being left at the shelter or experiencing a shift in their owner’s work schedule, all of which may cause separation anxiety. Anorexia can be triggered by anything as simple as the stress of having guests around. A puppy’s appetite might also be stifled when exposed to high temperatures outside.

Too Much Playing

Puppies tend to overdo it when they play. If they wake up feeling like they need to lie down and sleep for the whole day, it may be because they played too hard the day before and are now exhausted. The drowsiness that this causes won’t last more than a day. Be sure to provide your dog with abundant water and a little additional food throughout the day to aid in the healing process.

mr sleepy puppy 2


Several drugs for the management of pain in pups can have the effect of slowing them down. If you observe your dog acting more lethargic while taking a specific prescription, bring this to your veterinarian’s attention and ask whether another medication might be given.

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How Often Should Puppies Eat?

Just like human infants, puppies have tiny stomachs and require eating multiple smaller meals throughout the day. As your puppy gets older, you’ll be able to give it larger quantities on fewer occasions. Your veterinarian will be able to provide a recommendation. The following are the general guidelines:

  • Four meals each day: Weaned pups of all sizes require four meals every day.
  • Three meals a day: Small breeds can switch to three meals a day when they are four months old, while relatively large breeds switch when they are six months old.
  • Two meals a day: Start feeding your dog two meals per day when they are between 4 and 10 months old for small breeds and between 6 and 12 months old for large breeds.

How Much Does a Puppy Need to Eat?

The amount of food a new puppy needs to consume varies according to the size and breed of the dog. Check out the feeding recommendations on the various kinds of puppy food as a starting point. But keep in mind that the feeding instructions mention the entire daily quantity; thus, divide that total amount evenly into the amounts of food appropriate for the age of our puppy.

For instance, if it states that your puppy requires one cup of food per day and is currently three months old, divide that number by four. That amounts to a quarter cup of kibble each time you feed your puppy throughout the day. At each well-visit, your doctor can assess if your dog’s diet needs to be altered depending on growth and weight.

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Is My Puppy Sick or Just Tired?

Puppies require a significant amount of sleep. They sleep 15 to 20 hours daily, which is needed for optimum growth. However, when they are awake, pups should be quite active. If your puppy is often sleepy and tired, you should make an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as possible since this is probably an indication of a hidden problem. A wide variety of ailments, such as parvovirus, fever, CHF, and nutritional deficiency, can all affect pups, and lethargy is one of the symptoms of these conditions.

puppy sleeping and not eating much

How to Make a Puppy Eat Again?

If your small puppy has other signs or hasn’t eaten for a whole day, you should take it to the vet. You may do a few things at home to make your dog eat.

Give it time

If your puppy is having problems adapting to her new environment, it’s possible he just needs some time. Be patient with him and make an effort to ensure that he is as relaxed as possible. It may be easier for him to adjust to his new environment if he has a comfortable kennel, engaging toys, and set hours for play.

Warm up the Food

Dogs and puppies often have picky eating habits. It could be helpful to warm up their food, especially if you are giving them food that is already moist. Finding out what your pet prefers may be accomplished via practice and experience.

Make Meals Fun

You and your dog shouldn’t feel anxious when it comes to eating. Make an effort to make the experience more interesting by utilizing food dispensers or riddles, for example.

Establish a Routine

Pups can benefit greatly from having regular schedules. It gives them an idea of what to anticipate, which may be very helpful if your puppy is anxious about anything. It is best to feed your puppy at the same time every day, so try to establish a mealtime and stick to it.

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See a Vet

When It’s Time for meals, happy and healthy pups chew on their kibble with pleasure. If your puppy doesn’t eat, consult a vet, especially if he’s missing many meals. Once your dog eats again, you may relax knowing he’s getting all the growing needs.

How to Put Your New Puppies to Sleep at Night?

Make Crate Welcoming

You should avoid purchasing an expensive dog bed for a new puppy since he will likely destroy it by chewing on it. Put a soft, cheap, felted blanket or two in the bottom of the crate. Wool blankets and rugs should be avoided since they can easily be torn apart into long threads that might cause choking. If possible, bring home a soft toy and baby blanket that feels like the dog’s mother and put it in the kennel with the new puppy. The owner’s bedroom is a common location for the puppy’s crate since it gives the dog the sense that the rest of his family is nearby.

Keep the Sleeping Area Quiet and Dark

When watching television in bed, ensure the volume is low, and the light is dim. If the room gets light in the morning, you may want to use blackout shades. The calm and the darkness will serve as his signal that it is time for him to go to sleep. If your dog’s crate is made of wire, you can put a cover on top to make it darker and more like a den.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

By giving him a routine from the start, you’ll teach him that darkness is for sleeping, and you’ll both get a better night’s sleep. Before it is time for the puppy to go to bed, place a time limit on how much food and water it can consume. Have some fun with him, give him some affection, and then take him outdoors so he may release himself.