Unique Long-Legged Cats [Our Top 4]

Cats are of different breeds and types, and each has its own unique characteristics and traits. One distinct trait is their legs. Today we will talk about long-legged cats.

Cats come in many different shapes and sizes all with their own unique characteristics and traits. One Specific trait we are going to explore today is long legs!

Long-legged cats are not really any different from any other cat in terms of personality but they certainly, look different. Some even have many different colors, patterns, and even fur lengths which are uncommon in the cat world.

Cats with long legs

Long-legged cats usually have bodies that are equally long in proportion. However, their tails tend to be shorter than smaller breeds.

Our Top 4 Long-Legged Cats


The Savannah cat is a mixed breed cat, which is a cross between an African wild cat and a domestic cat. The tallest cat in the world is Arcturus the Savannah cat standing at just over 19 inches long! Which I’m sure you’ll agree is very impressive!

worlds tallest cat

Savannah cats are strong, muscular cats with striped coats. Savannahs can come in a variety of colors but black and tan is the most common one we see today. If you are looking for a house cat this might not be the best choice. Savannahs still retain a lot of their primal instincts since they are only a couple of generations away from wild cats and are extremely active.


The Abyssinian is a middle-of-the-range sized cat that has a slim and athletic build. They’re very popular because of their playful curious nature. Owning an Abyssinian requires effort but also provides hours of endless entertainment and love.

Long-legged cat number 1

These cats have a color range from dark brown to a lighter shade. They also have a light undercoat. Their fur is distinctly short making them easy to groom. These cats are also great fun to play with they’re extremely active and love to play with toys.

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Chausie cats are medium-sized cats with an exotic look mainly due to their long legs and sleek body. These cats are quite rare and usually expensive to purchase. They are a crossbreed from our other choice the Abyssinian. Similar to the Abyssinian they are very active and love to run and play with toys. So if you decide to buy one make sure you give them plenty of space and mental stimulation.

Chausie long legged cat

A Chausie’s colors are usually light or dark brown, with small black markings. Their fur and coat are short making them extremely easy to groom.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a beautiful, long-legged cat with a silky white coat. These cats are known for their playful and friendly nature.

The Turkish Angora cat is a beautiful long-legged cat known for its beautiful silky white coat. These cats are playful and friendly in nature and usually make for great pets.

These cats are one of the old breeds of domestic cats and come from Turkey. They require a decent amount of grooming as their coat is known for getting matted if not brushed regularly.

long legged cat

Long-Legged Cats Are Beautiful and Elegant Creatures

Long-legged cats are known for their unique, distinct looks. Their legs make them look graceful and elegant some people would even go as far as to say they look powerful or even majestic.

This becomes apparent especially when they are walking. They walk with grace and elegance.

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Long-Legged Cats Are Usually Very Active.

Cats with long legs are understandably faster than cats that have shorter legs. Its thought that bigger cats are usually more active and capable than smaller cats.

Long legged cats

Not only are cats with long legs faster than smaller cats they are also more powerful and cat jump to higher heights.

Long-Legged Cats Usually Live Longer Than Shorter-Legged Cats.

Since long-legged cats are generally more active this leads to a healthier lifestyle. Long-legged cats love to jump and explore and despite looking delicate in experience they are generally very strong and agile.

These Cats Are Often Curious and Adventurous

The bigger the cat the more curious and adventurous some people say, this one is up for debate but since I believe all cats are curious animals. It’s believed however these bigger long-legged cats love to explore since they tend to be more active than smaller cats I’m sure there’s some truth in the matter.


If you are wanting to purchase a new long-legged cat ensure you do plenty of research. These cats are usually extremely active and not always suitable for new owners. With that said these cats are special in many ways and make great pets for people looking for active playful cats. They also come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns so I’m sure you can find one that suits your preferences.