Is Super Clot Safe for Dogs to Lick?

Super clot contains a number of ingredients that are unsafe for dogs to consume such as lidocaine HCL. Although lidocaine can be harmful to dogs, it would require it to be consumed in significant quantities. If your dog has only licked a small amount of super clot the chances are it should be safe. You should, however, do everything you can to prevent your dog from licking its wounds. You can achieve this in many different ways such as getting your dog to wear a soft cone or inflatable collar. Other methods include dog clothing or wrapping the wound with a dressing.

can my dog lick super clot

Is Super Clot Safe for My Dog to Lick?

You have to take into account that the designers of super clot are well aware that dogs will attempt to lick their wounds and have designed the product with ingredients that take that into account. If super clot proved to be lethal or highly toxic to dogs then it would be considered too dangerous to sell.

With that said, consuming large amounts of lidocaine can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures (We are talking big quantities here). If you are concerned that your dog has consumed too much super clot you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Super Clot Contains the Following Ingredients:

Harmful Ingredients

Super clot contains ferric sulfate which is a substance that could cause iron poisoning theoretically if consumed in large quantities. Along with Lidocaine, these two ingredients pose the highest amount of threat in terms of toxicity.

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Unharmful Ingredients

Silicon dioxide, benzethonium chloride, and glycerin are not harmful to dogs but can cause an upset stomach.

When in Doubt Call a Veterinarian or Speak to One Online

If you are unsure about anything it is always best to speak to a veterinarian. They will be able to give you the most accurate information and advice tailored to your dog’s individual needs. You can find many veterinarians online that offer consultation services.

You should never take a chance when it comes to the health of your pets if you have observed some side effects then it makes sense not only for the welfare of your dog but for your own peace of mind to get professional advice.


In conclusion, some of the ingredients in super clot can in theory be harmful to dogs, however, it would require them to consume large quantities of the product. If your dog has only licked a small amount of super clot, it is unlikely to experience any adverse effects. However, you should still take measures to prevent your dog from licking its wounds. If you are concerned that your dog has consumed too much super clot, contact a veterinarian immediately.