Hamsters With Down Syndrome [A Complete Guide]

Have you ever thought about hamsters with down syndrome? That might be a new one for most of us. But, as per the general understanding, hamsters can’t get Down’s syndrome. 

Some abnormalities are due to poor breeding. But that doesn’t mean hamsters can have Down’s Syndrome. 

hamster downsyndrome

More details are coming your way in this post, so keep reading. 

Can Hamsters Have Down Syndrome?

The most important question to address here is, “can hamsters have down syndrome?” Well, hamsters can’t have down syndrome. Several studies are currently on the way to getting more scientific proof regarding this topic. 

Some hamsters do have different facial shapes, but that doesn’t mean they have down syndrome. It is a case of craniofacial abnormality, and it is a common issue resulting from poor breeding. 

If you are really concerned with the appearance of your hamster and you feel something is seriously wrong we suggest talking to a trained veterinarian online.

This problem is fairly common in Syrian Hamsters with one or more mutated genes in the line, such as satin-coated hamsters. These hamsters won’t grow that much either. 

Down Syndrome and Hamsters

You might be scratching your head and asking what animals can get down syndrome.

Down syndrome is often linked with facial deformities. In recent years, animals with down syndrome have become internet sensations. Many people believe that the facial deformities in these animals are due to Down syndrome. Moreover, these animals didn’t last long, and their deaths were also linked to the syndrome. 

One example of this case is Kenny, the tiger who was wrongly thought to have down syndrome due to its facial deformities. Another good example here is the case of Otto, the kitten. This short-lived kitty is also thought to have down syndrome. 

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Both these cases had nothing to do with down syndrome. These were cases of poor breeding by unethical breeders. Therefore, the next time you search for something on Google, be careful as not all the information available there depicts the truth. 

Cats cannot get down syndrome, which is similar to dogs. Any facial deformities that you see in a particular animal are due to improper breeding. And similar is the case with hamsters. They cannot get down syndrome, and any facial abnormalities you see in a hamster are because of poor breeding. 

What Is The Cause of this Deformation? 

Human cells have 23 chromosome pairs, and down syndrome appears in people with a genetic mutation that gives them chromosome 21 in three copies.

Now, the genetic makeup of other animals, excluding humans, is completely different. Therefore, it is too difficult to conclude that duplication of any similar chromosome has occurred, and it shows the same results observed in humans. 

Apart from that, many animals don’t even have 21 chromosome pairs. For instance, cats only have 19 chromosome pairs. And similar is the case with dogs. Therefore, they cannot develop down syndrome. 

Hamsters also cannot develop down syndrome. If you see a hamster with abnormal facial features, it doesn’t mean down syndrome. It is just a case of poor breeding, and you have to take care of it because it might not have much time. 

Hamster Down Syndrome Treatment

As we have already established down syndrome cannot occur in hamsters, you must take care of your hamster with any deformities or abnormalities. 

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The condition in hamsters that is often mistaken as the down syndrome is craniofacial abnormality. It is a condition where a hamster doesn’t have any teeth in its mouth by birth. This is a critical situation for the little animals since teeth play a significant role in a hamster’s life. 

This condition occurs if a hamster is bred poorly. You have to take care of such a hamster because they might not survive for long if they are not properly cared for. 

You have to provide them with mushy food and discuss their diet with the vet. This is because they can’t eat or consume anything solid. After all, they cannot chew as they don’t have teeth in their mouths. 

Hamster Down Syndrome Lifespan

Hamsters with down syndrome might not be possible, but hamsters with craniofacial abnormality are pretty vulnerable. Their facial deformities make them pretty weak as they are solely dependent on their owners to feed them with soft and mushy food.