Dog Ate Underwear (Why and What to Do)

Dogs do and act in many strange and unusual ways. From chasing tails to smelling butts, dogs keep us smiling. But an odd way of eating is nothing to laugh about. Eating clothes, such as underwear can cause severe gastrointestinal blockage.

my dog ate my underwear

Dogs can chew underwear without you knowing because they fit in their mouths. Even though there are no solid reasons why dogs eat underwear routinely, these indigestible items are natural favorites.

Underwear & Dogs

A dog swallows underwear and might become trapped in the digestive tract. This may occur in the stomach or eventually in the intestines.  This is termed an intestinal obstruction, which is a severe condition. Dogs are known to eat lots of random things such as baby wipes and even wine corks!

A dog can pass the underwear in his feces. However, you must regularly supervise your dog. Consult a vet if the underwear won’t come out or your dog gets symptoms.

Why Do Dogs Eat Underwear?

There are several reasons your dog could like underwear. Here are a few common causes:

Pica Syndrome

Pica syndrome is a psychological condition that causes dogs to consume foods that are not typically a part of their diet. Ingestion of non-food objects is the only symptom associated with the disorder. This may be a little toy, a stone, or even your underwear.

Pica syndrome can rapidly become uncontrollable if not treated. Your dog may soon develop compaction and digestive problems.


There is a chance he is teething if he is still a puppy. Itchy teeth may drive anyone crazy, so he’ll chew on anything that could help.

Getting a chew toy specifically designed for dogs is the most effective strategy to deter your dog from engaging in this activity. 

Attention Seeking

Sometimes, dogs feel bored or feel ignored. We know you don’t ignore your dog. Some dogs are touchy, and something as small as getting up late might upset him. Chewing on everything and everything that can grab your attention is a common consequence of this behavior.

bad dog ate underwear

A Similar Weaning Sensation

When young dogs are taken away from their mothers too soon, they often eat underwear. It’s an odd relationship, but it’s something that may bring calm and comfort to a young dog that was forced to mature too quickly.

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You should know that your underwear retains your scent. You are the closest thing a terrified puppy has to its mother while she is not around. They eat underwear to feel safe again after being weaned.

Separation Anxiety

Your dog may be chewing its owner’s underwear because it suffers from separation anxiety. Dogs are extremely sensitive animals. They can get stressed and anxious without you. Chewing is a common method that dogs use to help them deal with their feelings. 

It is not simple to overcome separation anxiety. Proper training may bring about change. 

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What Happens if My Dog Ate Underwear?

When your dog or puppy last chewed on something foreign can significantly impact the severity of the disease. If you are fast, you can remove the article of clothing from the dog’s mouth before entering the digestive track. When the dog vomits, check its mouth. If there is an article of clothing that is visible on the dog’s throat, you will be able to remove it manually.

You might find out about the event hours after it happened. Within the first two hours, you will still be able to give your pet first aid therapy. While the veterinarian is away, consider the following treatment:

  • If your pet has ingested a soft object, you may offer it a short meal before inducing vomiting. The soft food will protect the stomach lining from your pet’s stomach acids.
  • If you expect your dog to swallow a pointed item, you should prevent your dog from throwing up. It has the potential to cause internal bleeding as well as damage to your dog’s digestive tract. If your dog has an intestinal obstruction, get it to the vet.
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How to Stop Dogs From Eating Underwear

Search dogs are taught to search by seeing their owner’s response when they are successful: a fuss is made, the dog’s head is patted, and a treat is provided.

dog ate underwear

Dogs who do this for attention will continue to do it because it gets their owner’s attention – even if it’s not good. Dogs who do this for other reasons may feel “shamed” and have anxiety difficulties, resulting in the same habit or a new one.

If you desire to prevent your dog from looking for  underpants, try any of these tips:

  • Provide A Better Alternative: Give them suitable items to play with and divert them while they’re behaving negatively; this is more effective than scolding them. If your dog isn’t interested in chew toys, you may try one of those that give high-value goodies instead!
  • Put away chewing temptations: Leaving your shoes and underwear spread over the floor will merely serve as a temptation for the dog to indulge in the activity once more, particularly when you aren’t there to prevent it.
  • Anti-chew spray: One may choose from various anti-chew sprays, each of which has a different level of effectiveness in putting an end to the habit of chewing. Some dogs prefer the bitter apple and citrus flavors of these sprays. You may even spray these smells on your underwear, although it may not be worth it.
  • See A Vet: In certain circumstances, the reason for your dog’s peculiar behavior goes a bit deeper, and to solve the issue, you may need to seek the assistance of a trained specialist.
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Can a Dog Die From Eating Underwear?

Yes! There is a high possibility that a dog will pass away if it eats anything that its body cannot eliminate. Because of this, the dog must undergo surgery to remove the foreign item.

Underwear is one of the most prevalent types of clothing to be discovered in the digestive tracts of canines. If a dog eats an excessive amount of underwear, it might lead to significant difficulties.

Underwear damages the gut and organs within. If you watch any strange behavior in your dogs, such as diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, or weight loss, you need to make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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How Long Does It Take a Dog to Poop Out Underwear?

Several things can happen if your dog eats something it shouldn’t, like underwear or something else. If the underwear is large on the dog’s mouth, it will be vomited within two days. If your dog swallows your underwear, it may stay in its stomach for a while. During digestion, your dog will empty the food to get the nutrients it needs and then eliminate the things it can’t digest.

These foreign things might stay on longer, causing intestinal issues for your dog. In addition, because the lining of the stomach is inflamed, your dog may have a recurrent vomiting problem. If this problem persists, you might want to investigate surgery and non-surgical options for treating your dog’s condition.