Cat Trees That Look Like Trees [Recommendations]

Cat owners purchase cat trees more frequently than any other cat furniture. Cat trees offer amusement for your cherished animal companion and may encourage shy cats to come out of their shells. In addition, cat trees provide your feline friend with their own living place customized to meet their unique needs. Young kittens and older cats adore the benefits of a cat tree. Today we are going to look at a number of different cat trees that resemble trees.

cat tree that looks like a tree

However, one of the disadvantages of cat trees is that their look can frequently conflict with your interior design. Cat owners are sometimes left with unattractive brown-carpeted cat furniture that their cats rarely utilize.

Check out the bottom of the page for our top recommendations of cat trees that look like trees!

They have artificial leaves that activate your cat’s natural tendencies to conceal when hunting and chasing their prey while providing them with their own place to relax.

What to Look For in a Realistic Cat Tree?

There are a few essential characteristics to look for when purchasing a cat tree of any kind, even ones that are made to resemble the appearance of real trees. Let’s take a brief look at each of the contributing factors.


When people look at a cat tree, one of the first things they think about is its height, and in many instances, it’s the primary measure that people use to classify different kinds of cat trees. It is a natural desire for cats to seek heights; this instinct is alive and well in modern house cats.

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Scratching Areas

In addition to providing our cats with new heights, cat trees also give them an acceptable outlet for scratching. Scratching is so essential for cats that even declawed cats require it! Scratching is a means for cats to establish their territory and trim claws. 


Most cat trees are built from durable structural materials like plywood or curved cardboard and coated in a textured fabric such as carpet or jute. When looking for a cat tree, you should search for one sturdy, well-built, and able to endure roughhousing on your cat’s part.


A cat tree constructed of solid wood looks the most realistic but is also expensive. In most circumstances, you’ll want to seek realistic-feeling components (like false foliage) or fake wood.

Benefits of Cat Trees

There are a lot of benefits that come along with getting your cat a cat tree. These advantages are beneficial to both the mind and the body.

Cat trees are recommended for indoor cats by veterinarians all over the world as a means of maintaining their overall health. Although there are methods to improve your cat’s habitat without a cat tree, none are as convenient.

A tree-shaped cat tree gives indoor kitties outdoor enjoyment. In addition to these advantages, cat trees offer the following benefits:

  • Provide your cat with an outlet for its energy.
  • Shy cats get a sense of comfort and security in cat trees.
  • Their perches and hideaways shield terrified or lonely cats.
  • It provides them amusement and exercise, contributing to their overall health and happiness.
  • They have the potential to ease your cat’s anxious feelings.
  • It provides a separate area for elevated cats and keeps them away from children and other animals.
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Our Top Picks for Kitty Trees That Look Like a Tree

Your cat will have a lot of fun while also getting plenty of exercise on the cat tree. They offer environmental enrichment and enhance natural tendencies as cats adore being high up to view their territory.

Traditional cat trees aren’t attractive despite their benefits. A tree-shaped cat tree can help. These sorts of cat trees are meant to seem like actual trees, which is beneficial not only for your cat but also for the decoration of your home.

To assist you find the best tree-like cat tree, we picked our top options. We’ve included trees of all shapes and sizes, so you may select one that fits your location.

Lifesize Realistic Cat Tree With Leaves

It also comes with various customization possibilities, such as its leaves coming in a selection of four distinct colors that the customer may choose. If you are looking for some cat trees that seem like trees and you are on a budget, then this is certainly the best option for you.

cat tree looking like a tree
cat tree that looks like a tree
cat tree that looks like a tree

If you are seeking a cat tree that will fit into a smaller house or apartment, this is also a great alternative for you to consider. It is not so large that it will take up the entirety of your floor but is it such a towering tree that it will present any difficulties, It works out perfectly.

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Do Kitties Like Cat Trees That Look Like Trees?

Most cats prefer cat furniture/activity centers; therefore, they’ll appreciate kitty trees that look like real trees.

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They adore trees with branches and leaves that appear real, so they may spend hours of playtime climbing, investigating, or simply hiding in the caves and perches the trees provide.

In addition to that, they provide scratching poles that can assist your cat in satisfying its natural urge to scratch. Cats in the wild love trees; therefore, indoor cats should enjoy cat trees.