Can Guinea Pigs Eat Newspaper? [Updated]

You will likely lay down some newspaper for your guinea pigs to sleep on if you keep them. The newspaper serves as a covering between the cage’s bottom and the hay on which the guinea pigs sleep. But what will happen if they start eating the newspaper and consuming it entirely? Is eating newspapers safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, the newspaper is safe for guinea pigs to consume and chew on. A decade ago, newspapers would print their articles using harmful inks, but nowadays, the ink newspapers company uses is completely safe due to humane organizations.

Here is information regarding the change in ink.

a guinea pig wondering if he can eat newspaper

Continue reading to find out which sorts of paper guinea pigs should not chew on and which ones they can eat.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Newspaper?

Some varieties of paper are edible for guinea pigs. Paper products are largely plant-based; thus, tiny amounts are safe for guinea pigs. Using paper goods by guinea pigs is not nutritionally advantageous. However, this does not imply that paper is completely useless.

Since guinea pigs’ teeth are always developing, it is essential to provide them with appropriate chew toys so they can wear down their adult teeth. Paper can assist keep guinea pig teeth short and pleasant, but not all varieties are safe.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Chew Paper?

Generally, guinea pigs find playing with papers more fun than consuming them. What occurs is that guinea pigs always demand more encouragement and desire longer tasks.

However, this is not the case after playing with the paper; they will not eat it. Guinea pigs will eat the paper if hungry, so if you see this behavior, check that your guinea pigs are receiving an adequate amount of hay. 

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If the guinea pigs are chewing newspapers, it suggests they need more fiber in their diet; newspapers won’t do the trick.

Or perhaps your guinea pigs are suffering from boredom. Because of this, they are chewing on pieces of paper. If they are permitted to roam freely about the house, they will also attempt to gnaw on other items.

Guinea pigs will interact with anything they can get their hands on inside their environment. Some guinea pig owners put crumpled newspaper about their pigs’ cages so they may eat and play with it.

Risks of Consuming Newspaper

Guinea pigs should never be given access to huge volumes of paper to ingest, as not all types of paper are considered suitable for consumption by guinea pigs.

Toxic papers containing inks or colours should not be offered to guinea pigs. Guinea pigs should not be allowed to chew on paper items that have any glue on them or a glossy surface.

If you want to offer your guinea pigs paper, you should keep a close eye on them to ensure that they are chewing on it but not ingesting huge chunks. Generally, if your guinea pig swallows more paper than they chew and spit out, it should be removed from its cage.

Will My Guinea Pig Be Harmed if It Eats Newspapers?

The answer to this depends on how much paper your guinea pigs consume. They won’t be hurt by something as little as a piece of paper. Numerous guinea pigs shred the paper into little, easily-digestible pieces.

However, if they consume an excessive amount of paper, this might be harmful to their health.  Your guinea pigs won’t benefit from it in any way and will have a number of health problems resulting from it.

can a guineapig eat newspaper?

The intestinal tract of guinea pigs is designed to digest fibrous green vegetables like hay. Therefore, the paper does not fit into any of these categories. Your guinea pigs may become ill if they consume a lot of paper.

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The major danger of guinea pigs consuming paper is intestinal obstruction. In the digestive tract, paper can’t break down. Therefore, guinea pigs risk developing constipation if they consume significant amounts of paper. The inability of guinea pigs to remove feces is a dreadful condition for them. 

Can I Use Newspaper as Bedding for My Guinea Pig?

The answer is no. When moist, newspaper ink can get on animals’ skin and cause health problems. Guinea pigs not only chew on things but also consume their bedding; it is dangerous for your guinea pig to ingest ink.

The printing process for newspapers uses a great deal of ink. Due to the presence of ink, it cannot be used with guinea pigs since the ink is poisonous to them. Your guinea pig must not consume its bedding. Simply doing this can lead to a number of major health problems. 

Even a very tiny amount of ink can have a devastating effect on your guinea pig. Therefore, the newspaper should never be used as bedding for guinea pigs or any other small animal. 

How to Stop Guinea Pigs From Consuming Newspapers?

Keeping newspapers out of your guinea pigs’ reach is the quickest and easiest approach to stop them from eating the paper.

Many guinea pig owners construct enclosures for their pets’ cages out of paper. However, it is made of a natural material and may be utilized as a covering. However, there are several possibilities to line the cage in this way:

  • Fodder
  • Grass
  • Small wooden balls
  • Fragments of wood

If you use any of the above, ensure appropriate airflow around their cage because guinea pigs are susceptible to respiratory and hepatic problems. However, if you use them properly, they will do less to your guinea pigs.

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If the fundamental health needs of your guinea pigs are met, they will be less prone to consume paper. That indicates that you are giving them an adequate amount of meals high in nutrients and fiber.

You must keep this in mind so that your guinea pigs may have a happy and social existence. If you can’t keep two guinea pigs, focus on your single pet. Guinea pigs that are left alone experience anxiety and boredom, which leads them to occupy their time by consuming paper.

Toys are also necessary for guinea pigs to have throughout their lives. If they’re engaged with toys, they won’t chew papers. To prevent the guinea pigs from being bored, it is essential to provide them with a number of different items to interact with inside their cage.

Is Eating Cardboard Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Under the appropriate conditions, guinea pigs can consume cardboard. Cardboard, much like paper, is often made from components derived from plants and is not naturally harmful to guinea pigs due to its composition.

Not all varieties of cardboard are suitable for guinea pigs, nor should they eat massive amounts. Guinea pigs cannot derive any nutritional benefit from cardboard. Hence this material should not be considered a food source for them. 

Guinea Pigs may keep their teeth in good shape by gnawing on cardboard, providing them with a fun activity.