Can Cats Hear Dog Whistles? Ultimate Guide

It is a fact that canines can hear/interpret higher-pitched sounds than people. Hence puppy whistles were previously used for canine training. On the other hand, some people would be shocked to hear that some felines (kitties) can also do this. This may make cat owners wonder: Can cats hear canine whistles?

can cats hear dog whistles

The answer is yes. Our feline companions can hear/interpret dog whistles. Dog whistles have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 67 kHz, which is within the voice interpretation range of cats. However, it is not recommended to use canine whistles on cats because they might cause permanent hearing loss due to high pitch frequency.

What Exactly Is a Canine Whistle?

Canine whistles, or Galton’s whistles, make sounds beyond our hearing range. Ultrasound is another name for this frequency range. Dog whistles are frequently utilized in training and disciplining canine companions. It is said that dogs dislike the sound that dog whistles produce.

can cats hear dog whistles

The owner might use the whistle when a dog displays a behavior that the owner finds unacceptable. Barking too much is frequently the cause of behavior like this. But punishment might also be for other actions, such as biting someone or entering an off-limits room. The dog whistle sounds should eventually reduce bad behavior.

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A Cat’s Hearing

Cats have a hearing range that is approximately four to five times greater than that of humans. In addition, they can detect the precise location of the sound source. Compared to dogs, they likewise have significantly superior performance in this area.

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There is a widespread misconception that dogs have a superior hearing to all other animals; however, this is not the case. In reality, cats have superior hearing than dogs, and their range of audible frequencies extends much below and well above a dog’s typical hearing range.

A cat’s hearing range is 47 to 64,000 Hz, whereas a dog is 67 to 45,000 Hz. This means that cats can hear anything that dogs can listen to, including dog whistles and everything else that dogs can hear.

Can Cats Hear Dog Whistles?

The hearing of cats is exceptionally sensitive—even more so than that of dogs. The ability of cats to perceive high-pitched tones and noises is far superior to that of dogs. Because of this, cats can hear quiet dog whistles much better than dogs can. In fact, cats have an advantage over dogs in this regard.

Humans can’t hear ultrasonic dog whistles. However, many animals, including some of the companion animals we keep at home, can hear these sounds at this frequency. This includes our kitty companions, who are feline buddies.

Although cats hear dog whistles better than dogs, you shouldn’t use them for training them. If this is not utilized correctly, it may cause them to become upset.

How Do Dog Whistles Work?

The sound produced by dog whistles falls between 24 Hz and 65 kHz. This unpleasant sound is used to discipline dogs for bad conduct.

Positive reinforcement is the guiding idea behind the use of dog whistles. This is introducing a negative stimulus to reduce any abnormal behavior.

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An owner could use a canine whistle, for instance, to get their dog to stop barking nonstop. When the dog learns to link the irritating sound with its own barking, it gradually reduces the barking. This is a type of punishment known as positive reinforcement. When the pooch is quiet, the owner will not use the canine whistle to get his or her attention. In order to avoid the hostile sound waves, the dog will not bark any further, which is known as negative reinforcement.

How Do Dog Whistles Affect Cats?

Some cats might seem as though they are entirely unaffected by the sound, while others will appear to be frightened and leave the area when they hear it.

Whistles aren’t the greatest way to train cats or dogs. There will never be a complete connection between the command and the training tool as long as people cannot hear the commands. Depending on your animal’s reaction, you can only predict how loud the whistle is.

can cats hear dog whistles

If misused, dog whistles scare cats, leading them to flee and hide or avoid you. In other circumstances, employing a dog whistle might put cats in danger since the sound is similar to ultrasonic sounds mice and other rodents produce.

Because of this, some cats may believe that the sound of a dog whistle indicates that there is prey nearby. As a result, they may approach you, putting them in a potentially dangerous situation.

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Can You Use a Dog Whistle to Train a Cat?

Even if teaching a cat with a dog whistle is possible, this does not necessarily indicate that doing so is a good idea. When used in conjunction with treats, toys, or food, a dog whistle might be used to attract a cat to you.

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Over time, powerful, high-pitched noises can harm cats’ and dogs’ hearing. It is strongly advised that you do not use a dog whistle indoors or in close vicinity to cats.

There are, fortunately, other methods of cat training that do not include the use of a dog whistle that is completely risk-free. Dog whistles and clickers fulfill many of the same functions. However, clickers are considerably safer for use around cats.

Clickers make a sound that cats connect with rewards or food. In addition, the sound is considerably more discrete than you calling your cat’s name while being safe for other animals.