Can Bearded Dragons Eat Hibiscus Flowers? [Easy Guide]

We get more from hibiscus plants than just lovely flowers to adorn our gardens. They are also consumed as food, particularly when used to make beverages. Hibiscus might have been used to make the reddish herbal tea you recently drank. Researchers are discovering that hibiscus may have some health advantages and that it is valued as a medicine in many cultures.

Wondering if bearded dragons can eat hibiscus flowers? Then wonder no longer! Hisbiscus flowers surprisingly are a great choice for bearded dragons. Yes, bearded dragons can eat hibiscus flowers, and not only that hibiscus flowers are actually healthy for bearded dragons to a certain degree.

Let’s discuss further:

can bearded dragons eat hibiscus flowers

Can Bearded Dragons Safely Eat Hibiscus Flowers?

Yes, bearded dragons can safely eat hibiscus flowers. These flowers are actually a great source of nutrition. Hibiscus flowers contain vitamin a, vitamin b, iron, and calcium.

The hibiscus flowers do however contain a small number of oxalates but it is thought that the level present in these flowers is far too low to be on concern, also the quantity a bearded dragon would have to eat to pose a threat would be extremely high.

Nutrional Content of Hisbicus Flowers


Do Bearded Dragons Enjoy Eating Hibiscus Flowers?

Most bearded dragons seem to enjoy eating hibiscus flowers but there really is no one answer that fits all. Some bearded dragons take to it while others will turn up their noses. The majority of people I’ve asked when researching this topic agree that most bearded dragons do in fact like eating hibiscus flowers.

can bearded dragons eat hibiscus flowers

If you want to give your bearded dragon some hibiscus flowers, you can start by giving them a small piece and watch the reactions. If you bearded dragon seems to like it then you can gradually increase the quantity of peices. Obviously, hibiscus flowers although healthy should not make up a large portion of your bearded dragon’s diet however you can add it in once in a while for variety.

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Some people also like to grow their own hibiscus plants specifically for their bearded dragons, which can be a fun activity for the whole family. If you decide to do this, make sure to keep an eye on the flowers and remove them once they start wilting so that the dragon doesn’t eat any unhealthy petals.

Final Note:

It’s important to remember that every bearded dragon is different and will have unique dietary needs. With that said, hibiscus flowers can be a healthy and nutritious addition to your bearded dragon’s diet! Just be sure to monitor your dragon’s intake of these flowers and remove them from the diet if you notice any adverse effects.

We should remember that all bearded dragons are no the same and some have unique dietary needs. With that said hibiscus flowers can be a healthy addition to your bearded dragons diet. Obviously it shouldn’t take up too much of their diet and should of be added as an occasional treat.

Hibiscus flowers are a fun way to add some variety to your bearded dragons diet while also providing them some a small amount of nutrients.

Feel free to try them out and see how your bearded dragon reacts!