Are Orbeez Toxic to Dogs? [Updated]


Orbeez, also known as water beads or gel beads, have seen an exponential increase in popularity in recent years. Their unique ability to expand up to 100 times their original size, coupled with their vibrant colors and intriguing texture, has made them a staple in arts, crafts, and home decor. Even Mr. Beast, a popular YouTuber, utilized them in a viral video where he filled his friend’s backyard with 100 million Orbeez!

dog with orbeez background

Nevertheless, with their increased prevalence in homes comes a heightened concern for the safety of our pets, particularly dogs, who are often drawn to explore their surroundings using their mouths. Hence, it’s crucial to examine: Are Orbeez toxic to dogs?

Orbeez and Their Toxicity to Dogs: Fact vs Fiction

While there are several anecdotal reports of dogs consuming Orbeez online, the consensus among veterinary professionals is that Orbeez themselves are not inherently toxic to dogs.

Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, a certified veterinary journalist, provides an insight, “Orbeez are composed of superabsorbent polymers, specifically sodium polyacrylate, which is a non-toxic, biodegradable substance. Sodium polyacrylate is commonly used in products like diapers and sanitary pads due to its impressive ability to absorb liquids.”

Therefore, while Orbeez are not toxic in the traditional sense, they can still pose a significant danger to dogs, primarily due to their unique physical properties.

The Real Danger of Orbeez Ingestion for Dogs

Even though Orbeez are not toxic, their ingestion can lead to serious complications in dogs.

Digestive Obstruction

One of the primary risks associated with Orbeez consumption is digestive obstruction. As Orbeez can swell significantly when in contact with liquid, if ingested, they can potentially block a dog’s digestive tract. Dr. Eric Barchas, a San Francisco-based vet, warns, “If your dog has consumed a substantial quantity of Orbeez, you should consult a veterinarian immediately. Obstructions can lead to severe and even life-threatening conditions.”

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Choking Hazard

Furthermore, Orbeez can pose a choking hazard, particularly for smaller or younger dogs. Because some Orbeez variants are sticky, they can easily get lodged in a dog’s throat.

Recognizing the Signs of Orbeez Ingestion in Dogs

If your dog has consumed Orbeez, several signs and symptoms can indicate potential complications. These include:

  • Fatigue or feebleness
  • Difficulty defecating
  • Increased thirst and dry mouth (indicative of dehydration)
  • Signs of distress, such as pacing or whimpering
  • Nausea or gagging
  • Abdominal discomfort or bloating
  • Decreased appetite

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms after possible Orbeez ingestion, it’s crucial to seek immediate veterinary care.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Orbeez

If you suspect your dog has consumed Orbeez, try to remain composed and evaluate the situation. Attempt to estimate the number of Orbeez your dog may have ingested, as the quantity can significantly impact the potential harm.

Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, Veterinary Medical Advisor for, recommends that you “contact your vet right away. Detail the situation to them, and follow their advice. If your dog displays signs of distress, they may need immediate medical attention. Watch your dog closely for any worsening symptoms and be ready to make an emergency visit to the vet.”

Preventing Orbeez Ingestion: Safeguarding Your Dogs

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are a few precautionary steps to ensure the safety of your dogs:

  • Securely store your Orbeez
  • Always supervise your dogs when they are near Orbeez
  • Educate all family members about the potential dangers of Orbeez ingestion
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Effects of Orbeez on Other Household Pets

While this article primarily focuses on dogs, it’s important to note that dogs aren’t the only pets who might find Orbeez intriguing. Cats, birds, and small mammals like hamsters or guinea pigs could also be tempted by these colorful beads. Much like with dogs, Orbeez are not inherently toxic to these animals but pose similar risks such as choking or digestive obstruction. Always supervise your pets when Orbeez are within their reach.

Emergency First Aid Steps for Pets With Obstructions

Should you find yourself in a situation where your pet is choking or experiencing distress from a possible obstruction, there are preliminary steps you can take before reaching the vet:

  1. Remain calm: Your pet can sense your anxiety which may increase their stress.
  2. Do not attempt to dislodge the object with your hands: This could push it further down or cause injury.
  3. Contact your vet: Explain the situation clearly and follow their instructions.
  4. Be prepared to perform the Heimlich maneuver if your vet suggests.

Remember, these are only initial steps. Always seek immediate professional help if your pet is choking or has a digestive obstruction.

Safer Alternatives to Orbeez for Pet Playtime

To avoid the potential hazards associated with Orbeez, consider safer play items for your pets. Durable, chewable toys made specifically for pets, treat-dispensing toys, or safe chews can all provide entertainment without posing a health risk. Always choose pet toys suitable for the size and age of your pet.

Expert Advice on Orbeez and Pet Safety

Leading veterinarians emphasize the importance of preventative measures when it comes to pets and potential hazards like Orbeez. Dr. James Clarkson, a board-certified vet with over 20 years of experience, advises, “Curiosity can get the better of our pets. Always keep small, ingestible objects out of their reach and supervise their playtime. Prevention truly is the best medicine.”

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Additional Resources for Pet Safety and Care

To learn more about pet safety and care, consider visiting the following resources:

Remember, staying informed and alert is the key to keeping our pets safe and healthy!


In conclusion, while Orbeez are not toxic to dogs due to their chemical composition, their unique physical properties can pose serious risks. If your dog consumes a substantial amount of Orbeez, immediate veterinary consultation is critical.

By understanding these risks and taking appropriate preventative measures, you can ensure a safe environment for your pets and enjoy the fun and creativity of Orbeez worry-free.