Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? [Ultimate Guide]

No, Munchkins are not hypoallergenic, but their coat, whether it has long or short hair, does produce less dander. Dander is what most people are allergic to.

Thinking about adopting a munchkin cat? There are various pros and cons that you need to consider. One of the most important of them all is to consider allergies and whether you or anyone of your family members have them or not. So you need to consider if Munchkin cats are hypoallergenic.

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Many people think that Munchkin cats are hypoallergenic. They might not shed a lot of hair, but you need to know some facts. In this guide, we will see whether these cats are hypoallergenic or not and whether they are right for you or not based on the allergy levels. 

Are Munchkins Hypoallergenic?

Munchkins are categorized as moderate shedders as other breeds comparably shed a lot more hairs. Munchkins are better cats to adopt if you don’t have a severe allergy. 

Why Aren’t They Hypoallergenic?

People think they are hypoallergenic because there are moderate shedders. But a cat can be considered hypoallergenic only if it cannot cause any allergies to anyone. Therefore, such a cat breed should not shed hair. 

Hence, the cat would almost have no dander while other breeds would have more dander. But dander is natural for all animals and cat breeds. So, it might feel weird if we say that Munchkins or, for that matter, any cat breed is hypoallergenic. 

Do Hypoallergenic Cats Exist? 

Hypoallergenic cats do not exist because they all shed hair and cause allergic reactions to anyone who is allergic to dander. All cats, like all other animals, shed sometimes. And it produces dander that has Fel d1 protein, and it causes allergies in cats. 

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Most people believe that the cause of allergies is only in hair or urine, but that is not correct. But the cause of allergy is present in their saliva and their dander due to the presence of that protein, and it causes irritants. 

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According to an estimation, approximately ten percent of the major population have animal allergies. Therefore, you have to be cognizant of those who suffer from animal allergies. It is especially the case if you are looking to adopt a cat. 

If you have severe allergies yourself, it’s better to give your decision a second thought and assess whether you need to own a pet or want to deal with allergies that you already have. 

Should You Adopt a Munchkin?

Munchkins are moderate shedders, but it doesn’t mean they don’t leave any dander on the floor. The dry dander will be on the floor, on your clothes, and might end up in your food.

Munchkin cats are not hypoallergenic, but they don’t shed as much as other cat breeds. Therefore, if you only have minor allergies, this is probably the best cat for you. But you need to keep in mind that allergies will be present. And even if you need to see an allergist, a good thing would be to do some research before adopting a munchkin cat. 

Information to Consider [Hypoallergenic Cats]

Cat allergies are triggered by dander urine, saliva, and even dead skin cells. These allergens can cause various allergies, including skin sensitivities and breathing sensitivities. Airborne allergens like dander or fur cause breathing sensitivities. 

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Munchkins have moderate shedding levels, and you are generally not safe with this breed if you have severe allergic reactions. But if you visit a breeder and spend some time with a Munchkin without any allergic triggers, you are off the hook. 

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People with skin allergies might be somewhat at risk when a Munchkin is around. Skin allergies can trigger with direct contact. Therefore, it is better to spend time with this breed before bringing one home.  

Munchkin Dander and Saliva Exposure

Cat allergies depend upon your sensitivities. You might be safe if you are not triggered by being in close proximity to a Munchkin. But it’s unusual for most people with cat allergies. All cats produce dander, and that also includes Munchkins. 

These cats release dander and various other outdoor allergens trapped inside their fur when they shed hair. And it can directly impact highly allergic people. 

Munchkins also love taking care of their coats numerous times throughout the day. Self-grooming can result in their saliva drying on their coats, triggering allergies. So, in such a scenario, this breed is not an ideal option for you to keep in your home. 


Which Cats Are Hypoallergenic? 

One of the most hypoallergenic cats is the Balinese cat called the longhaired Siamese. Apart from that. Javanese, Sphynx, Devon Rex, Russian Blue, and Siberian are hypoallergenic. 

These cats shed less and don’t produce as many allergens. Therefore, these cats are ideal for people who have animal or pet allergies. They don’t produce much danger and have great personalities. Munchkin cats are pretty good, too, as they are moderate shedders. 

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Is There a Cat Breed 100 Percent Hypoallergenic? 

There is no such thing as a 100 percent hypoallergenic cat breed. They all shed hair and cause dander to some extent. But the ones we have just mentioned shed less hair and cause less dander. Therefore, they are much better options for people who have allergies. 

How Much Do Munchkins Shed? 

Munchkins are categorized as moderate shedders. They only experience seasonal blowouts; they come with long or short hair. And by just having a look at them, you can say these cats will shed during summer. 

Longhair Munchkins have silky coats. In comparison, short-haired cats have medium plush coats. Both these variations have medium to long hair lengths. You will notice their fur on your furniture and your clothes when they start shedding. 

They also tend to shed more when there is a temperature change within your home environment. But mostly, they shed more with a rise in temperatures. They also shed if they feel bored or stressed. 

Final Word

Munchkins are not 100 percent allergenic. They are categorized as moderate shedders, but they shed hair and cause dander. Therefore, you should spend some time with a Munchkin before you bring one in for your home. They shed less, but if you are prone to extreme allergies, then they still might not be the best option for you.