Are Great Pyrenees Good With Kids?

Excellent and caring parents are always concerned about their children. A parent who currently owns a dog or is in the process of acquiring one will naturally consider just the breed of dog that will be the best match for their family and household.

are great pyrenees good with kids

The Great Pyrenees is a breed of dog mostly recognized for its enormous size but is also quite loyal, friendly, and gentle in temperament. This breed may be one of the dogs that appears at the top of your list. However, do Great Pyrenees dogs get along well with kids? Here you go.

Due to their kind, friendly, and devoted temperament, Great Pyrenees are often excellent with kids. However, their size might accidentally damage a kid, and they are not always excited to play. Because of this, kids need to learn how to act appropriately around dogs of this breed and be properly monitored while in their company.

This guide explains if Great Pyrenees are excellent and safe for kids. If you own the Pyrenees, you may also use this approach to take your kids and dog together.

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Is the Great Pyrenees Kid-Friendly?

The Pyrenees will always be dedicated to their family and want to stick close to them. This includes your kids. Even though the great Pyrenees is a more serious breed and is unlikely to play with kids, they will guard your kids.

This dog, known for its sharp mind and endless patience, is the perfect companion for a home. The Pyrenees automatically protects all members of the family. This includes all people, children, and even other animals that live in the house, such as your cat. As a result, you must encourage socialization between your kids and your Pyrenees so they may learn to distinguish between harmless play and situations that could result in actual harm.

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Teaching Your Kids How to Act Around Great Pyrenees

Kids have an innate desire to approach and pet dogs, and their natural response is to rush up to them as soon as they see them.

You must teach your kids that they shouldn’t do this, especially around dogs that they aren’t familiar with and even around some dogs that they are familiar with, like Great Pyrenees. This is something that they should never do.

are great pyrenees good with kids

Kids should learn how to behave around Great Pyrenees. You’ll need to train them over time since they can forget the next time they encounter a dog.

It is not best to leave kids unsupervised with any dog unless they can show that they are trustworthy toward canines. Kids make a lot of noise and move about a lot, and they could want to involve your Great Pyrenees in their activities.

They have to understand that Great Pyrenees aren’t as playful as other breeds and that they can’t act in this manner while with other dogs of this breed.

Great Pyrenees and kids may have a lovely connection with one another if the kids are taught how to react around the dog and the dog is taught how to behave around kids. This breed is an excellent family dog, particularly if you need a security dog or one to warn you of any threat.

Children should not disturb a dog concentrating on a toy or food of any kind, nor should they disturb a sleeping dog. Teach children to watch a dog’s body language and listen for growling or other audible cues indicating they are unhappy.

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Because kids are kids, there is a considerable probability that they may forget, and because of this, you will need to remind them in a reassuring manner of the rules and why the restrictions are in place.

Are Great Pyrenees Dangerous for Kids?

The Great Pyrenees is one of the most gorgeous in the world.   In most cases, they do not pose a threat to people, but they can exhibit aggressive behavior when provoked by particular stimuli. Here are the things that might cause your Great Pyrenees to become hazardous to your kids:

Clash of Interest

Pyrs are serious dogs that want to spend their time doing useful activities, although they are highly energetic canines. They enjoy keeping themselves busy. On the other hand, kids have a strong desire to interact and play with canines, which might lead to adverse outcomes. Your kids may be asking your Great Pyrenees dog to play with them, which removes his concentration from something that interests him. As a result, the dog may respond violently, which puts your children in danger of being hurt.

Will a Great Pyrenees attack an intruder?


The Great Pyrenees dog does not enjoy being idle for long periods. These dogs have a lot of energy. So they would like you to give them your time and engage them in beneficial activities. When they are unable to occupy their time, Pyrs quickly become irritable.


Pyrs are often kept as pets in homes. When it comes to those they know well, they are affectionate, unruffled, patient, and highly protective. If your Great Pyrenees dog is not comfortable with your kids, it is not safe to leave them alone with your Great Pyrenees.

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Unintended Collisions

Because of their enormous size, Great Pyrenees canines are often called “Great.” Your kids might be injured due to their carelessness, as this was not their intended action. Great Pyrenees are quiet and nonaggressive (unless when agitated or bored). However, they may run over your kids accidentally.

How to Train Your Great Pyrenees to Be Good With Kids?

It may be exciting and challenging to introduce your kids to a new Great Pyrenees or your Great Pyrenees to your new baby. Here are some tips on training your Great Pyrenees to be good with kids. 

  1. Start socializing your Great Pyrenees puppy when they are young by exposing them to different environments and people as often as you can, focusing on introducing them to members of your own family.
  2. Show respect for the feelings of your Great Pyrenees by not entrapping them into playing with your kid; instead, allow them to approach the interaction on their own terms and in their own time.
  3. When they are acting properly with your kids, provide positive reinforcement and reward them with snacks.
  4. Teach your Great Pyrenees not to jump on people, especially kids, since this behaviour might be dangerous for them.
  5. Set guidelines for your kids and Great Pyrenees, such as avoiding letting them eat from your kid’s plate.
  6. Never leave your Great Pyrenees and little kid unattended.