Albino Budgie Red Eyes [All You Need to Know]

Budgies are one of the most popular pet birds, found in a variety of vibrant, and attractive colors ranging from blue and green to white, yellow, and purple. They are a preferred choice of companion or family pets, as they are intelligent and easy to train. Albino budgies are a special type with a unique appearance and a standout personality. 

Albino Budgie
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Though these parakeets make for a great pet, there are several concerns, and a lot of confusion about their vision, eyes, and health. In this post, let us talk about red eyes in albino budgies and other health issues seen in this species. 

Albino Budgie With Red Eyes – A Complete Guide

When we hear the word ‘albino’, we imagine a white animal with pink or red eyes. Albinism in budgies is exactly what it seems to be. Albino budgies have white feathers with pink legs and red eyes. Such a unique appearance comes from its Ino mutation which causes the removal of dark pigmentation from the skin, resulting in an all-white bird without any coloration.

These budgies can grow up to 18 inches depending on their species and have a lifespan of about ten years though they can live longer if taken care of. Most albino budgies don’t live beyond 5-6 years due to inadequate care. The bird is quite gentle and easy to tame but doesn’t like to be held. They live in the same habitats as other budgies and are found in smaller flocks as compared to other birds. 

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Baby Budgie With Red Eyes – All You Need to Know

The color of eyes in budgies can vary depending on the mutation they are and their age. Some of the most common eye colors are plum, black, red, and ruby. Most mutations of this species have black eyes from the time they hatch and also develop a whitish ring as they grow. If the baby is an albino, it has red or ruby eyes resulting from loss of pigmentation. 

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It is important to know that baby budgie with red eyes is as healthy as budgies with black eyes as long as they are bred well. Babies hatching with red eyes retain the color of their eyes throughout their lives. They are quite easy to differentiate right from their birth by the light pink eye color that appears through the skin. Mutations like Lutino, Albino, Fallow, and Lacewing in budgies generally have red eyes as babies. 

Are Red Eye Budgies Rare? 

Yes, red-eyed budgies in Albino and Lutino varieties are quite rare. Albinism is a fairly rare occurrence in budgies and is typically seen in less than a percent of the total bird population. Though white budgies with red eyes look beautiful, they are unfortunately not as common as other colors. The genetic component responsible for albinism in this bird is the genes passed on from the parents. This implies that a family with multiple cases is likely to experience it again. 

Breeders are actively trying to promote these rare colors of budgies. However, ASPCA does not support this and is firm about not breeding albino birds and animals. The lack of pigmentation not just results in a unique color and appearance to give you a rare budgie to own. A number of health problems including reduced eyesight are also associated with albinism. The lack of melanin in the eye causes blindness and vision issues in these birds. They are also more likely to develop other health problems and have a shorter lifespan due to weak immune systems. 

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The rarity of this mutation means it can easily cost hundreds of dollars to own a beautiful-looking red-eyed albino budgie. One should have a good budget to own one of these birds as a pet. The prices can vary depending on whether you buy from a classified board or a dealer. 

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Other Albino Budgie Health Problems

A budgie lover would undoubtedly adore the albino variety for its white body and gem red eyes that add to the charming personality of the bird. However, albinos tend to suffer from a wide range of health problems due to their genetics. This means an albino budgie can be difficult to care for and live for a shorter span. 

baby albino budgie

Lack of pigmentation in the albino budgie results in poor eyesight in these species. They are also prone to diseases of the eye and vision loss over time. These budgies also develop other disabilities due to genetic problems including loss of hearing as they age. They are likely to have a weaker immune system apart from other health complications, which is something you must take into consideration when caring for your pet. 

Albino budgies are likely to develop lameness, kidney diseases, and tumors along with feather and thyroid problems. An albino budgie requires a lot of care and attention as it is more prone to catching up infections from a weaker immune system. It is best to supplement its diet to boost its immunity and protect it against illnesses. You should also schedule regular visits to your vet to ensure the optimal health of your budgie.

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Final Thoughts

Albino budgies with red eyes are rare, attractive birds that make great pets. However, the genetic mutation responsible for this unique appearance also poses several risk factors affecting the health and well-being of these birds. It is therefore important to be prepared to give special care and attention to these budgies before you bring one to your household.