8 Tips for Making Your Space Pet-Friendly and Stylish

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Your home is the best place in the world for you to live. You spend the best part of your life in your home, with your family, and with a very special member of your family, the pet. So, a home needs to be a place that is comfortable for your family and, at the same time, where your pets feel at home. 

A home not only needs to be comfortable, but it should also have an aesthetic value. A beautiful and stylish home is perhaps the dream of every family. But when you have pets, making your home stylish and pet friendly becomes somewhat tricky. 

You need to balance your style, comfort, aesthetic sense, and the comfort of your pets. Though a tough ask but is doable. You only need to know how to create a balance while decorating your home. 

What Is a Pet-Friendly Place?

A home where a pet can live without hassle can be rated as pet-friendly. In other words, a home where you can live without any disturbance with your pet would be called a pet-friendly home. But it doesn’t mean the entire home is open for a pet. 

Some restrictions need to be in place for the pets, such as “no entry zones” or placing an under-couch blocker to restrict them. When we say a place where a pet can live without difficulty, it must have at least the basic facilities it may need. 

You need to take care of many things when making your place pet-friendly. These may include a separate living space, preferably a mud house, a dedicated wash area, and an open space for your pet to play.

What Is a Stylish Home?

Style is a relative term, and so is a stylish home. Following our choices and preferences, a tastefully decorated home will be referred to as a stylish home. That means if one design is stylish for a person, it may not be of the same value to someone else.

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However, a stylish home should be a place that is designed to meet the present day’s fashion standards and looks elegant. Style and fashion also refer to a certain era, such as “The Victorian Style” or a “Colonial Style.” It may also refer to a specific culture, such as “Arabian Style” or “European Style.” 

So, the style is quite a vast terminology. And a stylish home will be a place that is designed and decorated considering your preferences and choices as well as following the modern standardized patterns. However, the emphasis should be on the comfort of inhabitants. 

What Are the Style Patterns Currently in Practice?

Style cannot be restricted to a certain territory or culture. However, a few set patterns of styling your home are currently in practice. Some of them are:

  • The Modern Home Style is a modern style that mainly uses natural materials like wood, stone, leather, and so on.
  • The Contemporary Home Style slightly differs from the modern style. It is the current day’s style. 
  • The Traditional Home Style is a traditional or classical style that involves architecture, wood tones, and graceful furnishing. 
  • The Industrial Home Style gives more like an industrial look with roughened wood and edgy stones.
  • The Electric Home Style is a mixture of different styles.

8 Tips for Making Your Place Pet-Friendly and Stylish

Creating a pet-friendly home without compromising on your home’s comfort, style, and design is an art. It may not be easy to balance these basic requirements but it can be done with some important points in mind. 

Here are some useful tips on converting your place to pet-friendly without compromising your style and design. 

Pet Area 

Designate a separate area to store the pet’s belongings, such as a leash, collar, harness, and other things needed for the pet. It may be a storeroom outside the living area of your home. The idea is to keep everything handy, which you may need to take your pet for a walk outside. 

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It may also include a water bottle and a pack of treats you may like to offer your pet while on an outside walk. You may also store other related items, such as food in this pet area. 

Replace Carpets 

Carpets are not workable with pets. This is the most vulnerable item with pets in a home. Carpets can gather a lot of pet hair that is difficult to remove. Moreover, it may develop stains while pets are around. 

A wise decision therefore would be to replace the carpets with wooden or marble floors. That will not catch hair or develop stains. They are easy to wipe and clean. 

Functional Crate 

This is an excellent idea to restrict your pet’s movement when required. Often you would like your pet to roam around, but you may not allow them on special occasions. A comfortable crate can help you to restrict your pet’s free movement on such occasions. 

You need to be selective while going to buy a crate. It is even better to arrange a customized crate considering your pet’s comfort. 

Customized Furniture 

If you want your pet to follow you in your living areas, you must consider changing furniture, such as sofas and couches. You must make it convenient for the pets to jump onto the sofa without much effort. You may need to reduce the height of the sofas to do that. 

The fabric used in sofas or couches should also be replaced with a material that catches less hair, such as leather or microfiber.   

Save Your Precious Items 

Your home has so many decorative, memorable, and precious items. These are often placed in living areas on open shelves to give a decorative look to your home. With pets around, you need to keep them away from the reach of the pets. Placing them on shelves with glass doors may be a good idea.   

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No Chemical Cleaners 

With dogs or cats around in your home, you need to avoid using floor cleaners with chemicals. Pets often lick the surfaces with their tongues. If you use chemical cleaners, it may be harmful to your pets.

Save Your Pets From Harmful Things 

There may be so many items that are harmful to your pets, such as toxic food materials and decorative plants. Such materials should be kept away from the reach of a pet. 

Washable Wall Paints And Wallpapers 

Your home’s walls often develop stains mainly due to some nasty acts of your dogs and cats. You need to remove these stains to give a cleaner look to your home. Use washable paints on walls. Or if you prefer wallpapers instead of paint, they should also be washable. This will enable you to wipe them easily to remove stains. 


Pets such as dogs and cats are often a part of your family. If you have a pet in your home, you must care for them like your kids. You have to make your home a friendly place for your pets. This may require certain changes in your home design and style. 

But simultaneously, you want to keep your design and style intact. That’s a tricky matter. You need to make your home comfortable for your pets without compromising on the overall look of your home. This is an achievable task. 

You can easily manage your pet’s comfort while maintaining the stylish look of your home by following some basic rules, as explained in this article. So, make it convenient for your pet but never compromise on your style.